The COVID-19 pandemic calls for changes in the planning of the trade fair presentation in order to take account of the general requirements relating to the pandemic. Messe Stuttgart attaches the utmost priority to the protection of every participant.

Please note the following:
Due to the dynamic development of the pandemic situation, it is impossible to make any safe predictions. We will continuously update the FAQs if and when as the general conditions change.

The number of persons is based on the possibilities for maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres. The number of persons will not be checked. The exhibitor is responsible for complying with this condition. The valid exceptions for spouses, families and persons in a common household may also be used on the exhibition stand.

Exhibition stands must be large enough and must be planned in such a way that the stand personnel and visitors on the stand can maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 metres.

Hand disinfection agents: exhibitors must provide hand disinfection agents for their stand personnel and visitors.
Cleaning of exposed contact areas: exhibitors must carry out regular cleaning of work areas, door handles, etc. and exhibits (e.g. vehicles) at least twice a day in a suitable manner which corresponds to the visitor frequency. In this case it is sufficient to use degreasing household cleaning agents.

As part of hospitality and during the distribution of samples, the provisions of the "Ordinance of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs and of the Ministry of Economics to Prevent Transmissions of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Restaurants must be observed.
Contact areas used for catering purposes, e.g. chairs, tables, menus, etc., must be cleaned after every change of guest. In this case it is sufficient to use degreasing household cleaning agents. Messe Stuttgart is responsible for contact tracing. Any further tracing by the exhibitor is not necessary.

Messe Stuttgart also makes the following recommendations in regard to the provision of food and drink at present:

  • Service only with a mask
  • No hand contact
  • Tables set 1.5 metres apart and seat allocation
  • Disinfection of tables after use
  • Food may only be served and prepared behind a plexiglass window
  • Disposable crockery or a dishwasher with a 60° C cycle
  • Packaged samples
  • Items touched by guests are regarded as possible sources of infection
  • No self-removal, but portioned or served. Also applies to cutlery, glasses and serviettes
  • Salt, pepper, dressing and condiments only in single-serving packages
  • No menu cards

Messe Stuttgart is responsible for contact tracing via digital visitor tickets, exhibitor passes and service provider passes. This means that visitor admission tickets can only be sold and vouchers can only be redeemed via the online Messe Ticket Service of Messe Stuttgart. Registration on the spot is therefore not possible.

If südback/the trade fair has to be cancelled "on account of the coronavirus", the corresponding provisions of our General Exhibition Conditions under § 5.9 "Force Majeure" will apply and you will then have the opportunity to claim back and be reimbursed for the stand hire charges which were already paid.

If your company cancels its participation, a cancellation fee will be due according to § 4 "Cancellation".