07 - 11 Mar 2023 The trade fair for education and training

Your safe trade fair presence at didacta

The protection and health of our exhibitors, visitors and employees have always been our top priority. Our primary goal is that you still feel safe and comfortable with us. For our exhibitors, we would like to emphasise the following central points of the officially authorised hygiene concept for the conduct of trade fairs on the Messe Stuttgart venue.

This is based on the current Corona Ordinance of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, that explicitly allows the conduct of trade fairs and congresses under the condition of using hygiene concepts.

During the time spent on the trade fair grounds, persons aged 6 and over must wear a medical mask.

At the Warning and Alert levels, persons from the age of 18 are obliged to wear FFP2 masks (or similar) in indoor areas where the duty to wear masks applies. Workplaces and business premises are exempt from this. Here, the federal SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance continues to apply.

Individuals who do not adhere to the rules regarding the wearing of a mask must leave the trade fair grounds.

Exemptions from the obligation to wear a mask exist:

  • for persons for whom wearing a medical mask is not possible or appropriate for health or other reasons (proof in the form of a medical certificate).
  • when consuming food and drinks at tables on exhibition stands or in catering service areas inside the building.
  • in outdoor areas if the minimum distance of 1.5m to other persons can be guaranteed.
  • for events under basic level conditions with optional limitation of visitors to vaccinated and recovered persons (2G). It also applies to employees with contact to persons outside the company if these employees are immunised and voluntarily submit proof of their vaccination or recovery to the employer.

Stand design

  • In general, the minimum distance from other people must be observed. You can find the current minimum distance in our leaflet Corona Regulations. (PDF, 94 KB)
  • If the minimum distance is not observed, personal contacts must be compensated by suitable physical barriers (e.g. perspex screens).
  • Sufficient open space must be reserved within the stand area for visitors for product presentations and presentations.
  • For direct selling from the stand into the aisles, attention must be paid to the positioning of counters and showcases so that there is sufficient waiting and protection zones along the sales area. This may be ensured by sufficiently wide aisles or by
    incorporating the counters and showcases in the stand.
  • In order to comply with the current hygiene and social distancing regulations, attention must be paid during the planning phase to an appropriate minimum distance around the exhibits. If required, the minimum distance can also be marked.
  • Two-storey stands are only permitted if the areas underneath are open plan and sufficient air exchange is guaranteed. Two-storey stands have sufficiently wide stair cases for opposing visitor flows or a one-way traffic system is in place on the staircase.
  • Temporary meeting and work areas constructed in the halls must be designed with completely open roofs or ensure adequate air exchange.

See hygiene concept for all measures.

For detailed information about our hygiene measures please see our hygiene concept.

  • Stand catering is possible in compliance with the current legal regulation on infection protection measures against the further spread of the Corona virus. The following has to be observed in this respect:
  • Compliance with the current regulations relating to restaurants and catering will be ensured through physical separation of the catering services, e.g. through use of outdoor areas (e.g. food courts), provision of to-go services, creation of designated zones for consuming food (tables and chairs).
  • The catering staff on the exhibition stand must wear a medical mask when serving food.
  • The mask can be taken off on the venue for the time of consuming food and beverages. The distance regulations have to be observed during this time.
  • All persons present (visitors, exhibitors, organisers, employees, service partners, stand personnel, stand assembly and dismantling staff, delivery companies, etc.) must register in full during the event in order that the authorities can reconstruct the infection chains where necessary.
  • Only day tickets may be sold. The sale of multi-day tickets is not allowed due to contact tracing.
  • For the purpose of contact tracing, all participants are also recommended to use the Luca app in the designated areas.
  • Deviations are possible with guest events. They must be clarified beforehand with Messe Stuttgart.
  • Stand parties are allowed.

Find more details about the individual measures and recommendations for exhibitors and visitors here.