07 - 11 Mar 2023 The trade fair for education and training

Our hygiene concept

Measures for the controlled and safe staging of events at Messe Stuttgart

Trade fairs and exhibitions in Stuttgart can be staged safely. Messe Stuttgart has formulated a concept to protect the health of its exhibitors, visitors and employees. These are the measures:

  • The required number of disinfectant dispensers is available throughout the trade fair grounds of Messe Stuttgart. Only non-reusable towels (paper towels) are used in the sanitary areas.
  • The cleaning frequency and disinfection of the sanitary areas and of highly frequented contact areas (such as banisters) throughout the trade fair grounds have been increased during event operations.
  • The trade fair grounds of Messe Stuttgart have a building management system based on the highest technical standards. This enables intensive air exchange to take place in the exhibition halls.
  • Transparent partitions made of glass and plastic are installed at every counter with contact between employees or service providers of Messe Stuttgart and attendants of events (e.g. at counters in the Press Centre, VIP Lounge, the trade fair shop, cloakrooms, service offices, information counters).

Distancing regulations

During their stay on the venue, the minimum distance between persons must be 1.5m according to the Corona Ordinance. Exceptions are made for:

  • Families, life partners and persons belonging to the own household
  • Groups of visitors (4 to 5 persons) from one company who can prove that they travelled together and who can guarantee for traceability

Messe Stuttgart encourages compliance with the distancing rule by keeping a minimum distance of 1.5m by floor markings in relevant places.

Obligation to wear masks

During their stay on the fair grounds, persons from the age of 14 years must wear a medical mask. Children between 7 and 14 years of age have to wear masks but they can use non-medical masks.

The obligation to wear a medical mask is suspended:

  • For persons for whom the wearing of a medical mask is not possible due to medical or other reasons, or not reasonable (please provide a medical certificate).
  • On exhibition stands at trade fairs, exhibitions and exhibition areas of congresses as long as the organiser or exhibitor ensures that the minimum distance of 1.5m per person can be observed.
  • While seated as long as the organiser or exhibitor ensures that the minimum distance of 1.5m per person can be observed. The medical mask must be worn until seated.
  • For employees who work in a place where visitors are not present.
  • When using gastronomic services
  • When a different protection of the same efficiency is in place to protect other people

Persons who do not comply with the rules to wear medical masks have to leave the premises.

  • In the run-up to the event (e.g. during registration), all participants in an event (visitors, exhibitors, journalists, employees, service companies, etc.) will be informed about the hygiene and protection measures).
  • Reference to the measures will also be made on the trade fair grounds in a suitable form and to an adequate extent (posters/notices, flyers, loudspeaker announcements, etc.).
  • Protection and hygiene measures will be supplemented by specially trained personnel on the trade fair grounds. Messe Stuttgart employs specially trained personnel to ensure that the required distance regulations are observed.
  • Messe Stuttgart recommends that visitors use the Corona App of the German Federal Government.
  • For information about trade fairs, safety and hygiene, please contact safeexpo(at)messe-stuttgart.de

A ban on entering the premises or participating in events according to § 7 of the Corona Ordinance applies to persons

  • who are or have been in contact with persons infected with the corona virus if 14 days have not yet passed since the last contact.  
  • who have typical symptoms of an infection with the corona virus, particularly disturbances to the sense of smell and taste, fever, cough and sore throat.

  • For trade fair restaurants, bistros, catering and tastings on exhibition stands at Messe Stuttgart, the valid protection and hygiene regulations according to the applicable Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg apply.
  • Compliance with the applicable rules for gastronomy and catering is ensured by spacing gastronomic offers well apart, by using out-door areas (e.g. as Food Courts), by offering food to-go and by planning special areas for the consumption of food (seating tables).
  • Keeping the minimum distance of 1.5m between participants is made possible by arranging the seating in conference rooms and other areas accordingly.
  • Aisles between trade fair stands (≥ 3m) are designed for the number of visitors expected at the same time. Floor markings help to follow the walking directions in the trade fair aisles.
  • If necessary, (for example for sales activities into the aisles) the width of the aisles has to be adjusted in order to ensure that the protection and waiting zones along the stands are unaffected.
  • The areas on the front sides of the halls remain free if necessary in order to provide sufficient space for sanitary facilities and bistros. To this end, the necessary waiting areas for sanitary and gastronomic facilities are planned carefully in advance on the basis of expected visitor numbers.
  • In the exhibitor and visitor communication, the applicable public regulations and notification channels on the venue are thoroughly explained.
  • Entry codes which (specialist) visitors receive from media, exhibitors or the trade fair company in advance, can be redeemed online at the Messe Stuttgart ticket shop.
  • Visitors receive their entry tickets exclusively online and in advance via the Messe Stuttgart ticket shop. Every ticket is valid for the specified exhibition day only. There are no multi-day tickets. It will be possible to visit the fair on more than one day, though. In this case visitors have to register for every day of their visit individually. This enables a tracing of all participants if necessary and prevents queues in front of the cashiers.
  • Visitor tickets will be issued with a specified time of entry if necessary.
  • All attendants of trade fairs are subject to a detailed registration with immediate effect. This means: All essential personal data have to be provided at the advance online registration.
  • The maximum number of visitors on the venue is monitored. Messe Stuttgart ensures by targeted measures (e.g. blocking the turnstiles) that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded. When the maximum number is reached, access to the venue is not possible.
  • Queuing is limited and made safe by means of access control and distance markers on the floor. A controlled visitor guidance supports compliance with the distancing rules.
  • The access for exhibitors and visitors is possible via a limited number of entrances and exits.
  • Contact free payment is supported in many facilities of Messe Stuttgart. This applies to the trade fair restaurants and bistros. Messe Stuttgart follows the established solutions in the retail sector.