Hiking and cycling holidays in great demand

Active holidays still very popular / Around 40,000 visitors at CMT subsidiary Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen (Cycling and Hiking Holidays) 2020

"Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen" (Cycling and Hiking Holidays) has impressively proven its worth at CMT 2020. The 350 exhibitors from 17 countries were able to see this for themselves. Thanks to their first-class accompanying and information programme, the cycling and hiking sections have become an indispensable part of the holiday exhibition in Stuttgart. Hall 9 proved to be the meeting point for cycling and outdoor fans, which was appreciated by both exhibitors and visitors. Also the "Hiking" section formed an important pillar in the active and experience area. "Over the first CMT weekend, the exhibition stands of the hardware suppliers, travel organisers and holiday destinations were jam-packed," enthused Roland Bleinroth, President of Messe Stuttgart. He also said that the presentations, information events and the forum programme attracted a great deal of interest. The focal points here were the latest models from manufacturers, especially e-bikes, the various advisory services and the topic of GPS. The CMT has confirmed its impressive status as the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure: "Over the course of nine days, we were delighted to welcome around 300,000 visitors to our trade fair and a total of 2161 exhibitors. An absolute record!" said Bleinroth.

The impression that the stream of visitors at "Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen" barely decreased on both exhibition days turned out to be correct afterwards. Messe Stuttgart recorded a total of around 40,000 cycling and outdoor enthusiasts. 52 per cent of these active holidaymakers travelled a distance of 50 kilometres or more, while almost a quarter travelled a distance of more than 100 kilometres to Stuttgart. 64 per cent of visitors were primarily interested in obtaining information, around a quarter used the exhibition to prepare a purchase while 26 per cent were looking forward to the exhibition experience and the entertainment programme. The visitors took a great deal of time to prepare their holiday and spent five hours in the exhibition hall.
Overall, around four fifths of the visitors questioned awarded the exhibition the marks 1 or 2. Nobody was therefore surprised that almost 90 per cent were planning to come back to the Outdoor exhibition next year. The visitors are economically well off, with an average net household income of 3650 Euro.

Exhibitors at the CMT subsidiary events ascertained that cycling and adventure tourism is very popular. They praised the knowledgeable and interested visitors who asked specifically about current trends, unknown holiday regions or suitable accessories. Thanks to the first-class accompanying and information programme organised by the exhibition partner, i.e. the German Cycling Club (ADFC), the cycling section has long established itself as an important addition to CMT. According to Kathleen Lumma, regional director of the ADFC Baden-Württemberg, Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen has established itself over the years as a high-quality specialist forum and was more in demand than ever: "On Saturday, from precisely ten o'clock the visitors poured into the hall and to our stand. There were so many that we were just about able to cope with the discussions and giving advice. Many visitors were looking for individual routes and offers. With regard to package tours, those of an adventurous character are increasingly sought after. Our certified cycling paths were also much in demand, and our cycling tours met with a great response. At our stand, we signed up another 60 members on Saturday alone. All age categories were represented – and all showed great interest in outdoor holidays. People are increasingly looking for that special experience, and at the trade fair they find what they want, whether mainstream or special offers. As the ADFC, we were again able to present ourselves brilliantly."

Hans-Ulrich Rauchfuß, President of the Deutscher Wanderverband (German Hiking Association) and Schwäbischer Albverein (Swabian Alb Hiking Association) visited the stand and noted that he met "very motivated and committed employees, which was noticed by many trade fair visitors. Our brochures, whether on hiking or nature protection, went like lightning. I am very satisfied with the trade fair appearance of the Schwäbischer Albverein." This was also precisely the view of Annette Schramm, Director of the Schwäbischer Albverein: "Hiking, nature, homeland. With these keywords, we successfully presented ourselves at the trade fair. We had two actions on the presentation stage - nature protection and youth folk dancing. The information material went like hot cakes: Mainly hiking tips, for which our certified hiking guides provided further information directly at the stand. Also the hiking guide training offer met with great interest. We are pleased that we were again able to attract many new members. In addition to information and specialist knowledge, our hiking articles also drew a lot of interest. Especially hiking poles, backpacks and hiking maps. Our youth and family offers were also very well received, lots of discussions took place and guests picked up suggestions for their next hikes. In short: For us, CMT is the trade fair, and we are already looking forward to our trade fair participation in 2021!"

A good omen for the exhibition since 97 per cent of the exhibitors questioned rated it on the whole as good to very good. The overall grade was a fantastic 1.4. A very positive contributory factor is certainly that the exhibitors were able to welcome many interested visitors to their stands. 95 per cent of exhibitors were satisfied with the number of interested customers. 86 per cent rated their trade fair appearance as more successful than or just as successful as the previous year, while 87 per cent said their business success during the exhibition was very good or good. Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen is regarded as an important event for the tourist industry. After all, around 97 per cent of the exhibitors questioned said they would definitely or probably recommend it to other people. Incidentally, none of the surveyed exhibitors turned their back on the exhibition. On the contrary, a clear majority of them have already registered for next year's event. Here are some examples of exhibitors' comments on their experience of Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen 2020:
Florian Best, Director of the Tourist Association Kelheim: "We took part for the first time as an independent provider. Already in previous years, we had noted that there was always a lot going on in the Outdoor hall. Now we tested it ourselves and our expectations were fully met. We will certainly be back. Right on the first day, almost 1000 cycling maps were picked up, it was fantastic. Three quarters of the visitors were interested in the topic of cycle paths and cycling holidays. The trade fair development has been superb. We are delighted!"
Luisa Ganz, Product Coordination Hillwalk Tours: "We were at the trade fair for the first time and our impression was excellent. There was so much going on, the people are absolute cycling and hiking fans. As our office is in Ireland, it was important for us to meet our customers face to face. Some visitors booked a holiday directly at our stand, and we expect very good post-trade-fair business.
Liane Jordan, Quality Management Leading Trails, Deutscher Wanderverband: "We feel that the Stuttgart trade fair comes at the perfect time for planning holidays and hiking trips in the new year. Also the combination with the caravaning exhibition is perfect, because lots of campers also like hiking."
Jasmina Strobl, Travel Agent at France à Velo: "We've been coming for many years, because many of our customers come from the Stuttgart region. Many book on location, and it's great that we can meet our customers face to face. Altogether, we had many new customers at our stand, and all of our offers were in great demand, whether e-bike or classic cycling tours, guided or individual. We were optimally able to meet our trade fair targets and want to come again next year."
Matthias Penzkofer, OEM Sales, Bosch: "Already on the first day, the hall was almost full to bursting, and we were busy non-stop. Most visitors had specific questions on our product portfolio, i.e. the entire e-bike drive system. We met our core target group. We have gathered good experience here over the years, and we assume that we will be back in 2021. It's simply worth it, we make so many extremely good contacts."
Thomas Wolf, Sales, Centurion: "We've been coming to the trade fair for years, this year we had our own stand for the first time. It was worthwhile, as many well-informed visitors with great purchasing power were in attendance. The target group is perfect, also the timing of the trade fair is optimal. Some traders came to get information, we also see that as an advantage of the trade fair. We will presumably be back again next year."
Holger Köchling, trade fair organisation Velo de Ville: "We've attended Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen several times already and always came away with a good impression. The crowds of visitors were enormous, and we were able to reach our target group. Stuttgart has got a large catchment area and the people have good purchasing power. In any event, we achieved our trade fair objective and showed our market presence. We are absolutely satisfied and assume that we will be back next year."
Sarah Mesagonzalez, Sales Marketing, Coboc: "We attended for the first time and are delighted. We had two wonderful days and our feedback is positive. The trade fair was very well attended and the visitors showed enormous interest in our products, i.e. well-designed, lightweight e-bikes. We fully achieved our trade fair objective. We can well imagine exhibiting again next year."

The next "Fahrrad- und Wander-Reisen" will take place next year on the first CMT weekend, 23 and 24 January 2021.

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