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12.02.2018 - 17:10

Demand for hiking and cycling holidays / New hall and „Thermals" area prove popular during the CMT subsidiary show "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking"

The special exhibition "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" at CMT 2018 again provided a clear indication of its importance in the Stuttgart holiday exhibition. The première in the new exhibition hall 10, Paul Horn Hall, and the new "Thermals" area certainly contributed to the success of the exhibition. The 349 exhibitors from 17 countries in the 20th edition ("Cycling Holidays") of this important tourism segment were able to see this for themselves. Thanks to their first-class accompanying and information programme, the cycling and hiking sections have become an indispensable part of CMT. They have developed into the port of call for cycling and outdoor fans, a fact which is appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike. The "Hiking" section, whose 15th edition also proved a success, is an important mainstay in the active and adventure area. "The exhibition stands of the hardware suppliers, travel organisers and holiday destinations were jam-packed," enthused Roland Bleinroth, President of Messe Stuttgart. "The talks, the information events and the forum programme attracted a great deal of interest. The focal points here were the latest models from manufacturers – especially e-bikes –, the advisory services and the topic of GPS." The "Thermals" area featuring paragliding and hang-gliding equipment was the centre of much attention and was seamlessly integrated into the exhibition concept.

Stream of visitors in the new exhibition hall

The impression that the stream of visitors at "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" barely decreased on both exhibition days turned out to be correct afterwards. Messe Stuttgart recorded a total ca. 40,000 cycling and outdoor enthusiasts. 50 per cent of these active holidaymakers travelled a distance of 50 kilometres or more while 25 per cent came to Stuttgart having actually travelled a distance of more than 100 kilometres. 61 per cent of visitors were primarily interested in obtaining information, more than a quarter used the exhibition to prepare a purchase while 27 per cent were looking forward to the exhibition experience and the entertainment programme. It is therefore not surprising that more than half of respondents believed that the "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" would become more important in future. The visitors took a great deal of time to prepare their holiday and spent 5.2 hours in the exhibition hall. A total of around 80 per cent of the surveyed visitors awarded the exhibition the overall mark 2. Nobody was therefore surprised that over 90 per cent were planning to come back to the outdoor exhibition in 2019. Their average net household income is €3,757 and just under half of the surveyed guests only attend "Cycling and Adventure Holidays with Hiking". Exhibitors at the CMT subsidiary events ascertained that cycling and adventure tourism is very popular. They praised the knowledgeable and interested visitors who asked specifically about current trends, unknown holiday regions or suitable accessories. Thanks to the first-class accompanying and information programme organised by the exhibition partner, i.e. the German Cycling Club (ADFC), the cycling section has established itself as an important addition to CMT. According to Kathleen Lumma, Regional Director of the Baden-Württemberg branch of the German Cycling Club, "Cycling and Adventure Holidays with Hiking" has become established over the years as a first-class specialist forum and was more popular than ever: "It is incredible, but it was even busier than last year. Our brochures were totally depleted and our stand was overrun. There was no difference between Saturday and Sunday - visitors were queuing up on the dot at 10.00 in the morning. They were well-informed and interested, they asked specific questions, had ideas and wanted to know details. There was great demand for cycling regions and holiday planning. We really like Hall 10 which did not seem to be overcrowded although it was full. The larger cycling course was also an improvement. Our stand was visited by people of all ages and a large number of families who have discovered cycling holidays. We acquired more than 100 new members. The exhibition is special because you can find everything you need for a cycling holiday under one roof. As a consumer, you can organise every aspect of a cycling holiday on one day. This is a unique selling point of this exhibition, and we are already looking forward to next year."

Frank Hofmann, tourism specialist in the ADFC National Association and stage presenter: "The spending mood of visitors was especially noticeable this year. They made bookings and were decisive. The trend towards spending holidays in Germany has had a positive effect on cycling holidays. More and more families want to go on a cycling holiday. The stage programme was very well-attended, and passing customers also listened. The most striking aspect of the exhibition is the high level of professionalism: there are countless travel organisers and destinations. This exhibition is successful due to the fact that visitors can find everything under one roof and that it is held in January. The new "Thermals" area is another plus point. In 2019 the ADFC National Association is planning to participate in CMT and present the new edition of "Discover Germany by bike" (Deutschland per Rad entdecken). This will indicate how much importance the German Cycling Club attaches to "Cycling and Adventure Holidays with Hiking" as a consumer exhibition."

Annette Schramm, Managing Director of the Swabian Alb Hiking Association, also a partner of the exhibition: "This year we experienced a real flood of visitors, whose numbers seemed to have increased compared with 2017. Hall 10 is both pleasant and spacious. A large number of visitors came to our stand immediately on Saturday; some of them listened to our talks on the adventure stage and then came specifically with questions. We were able to convey our topics such as hiking for the over 30s and sporting hiking, but also nature conservation and our main hiking trails. Our flyers went like hot cakes. Some of the visitors were interested in membership and we gained new members. The Alb Association family, with whom we shared a stand, was also extremely busy. As ever, the wheel of fortune attracted large crowds. People also tested snowshoes and took away the new family programme. On Saturday afternoon we were visited by Guido Wolf, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Tourism, who discussed hiking topics with our President, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rauchfuss, and showed great interest in our activities. We will also again act as a partner at the exhibition in 2019. "Cycling and Adventure Holidays with Hiking" is the most important exhibition in the year for us. We reach our target public here and can present our Association in the best possible light.“

Jürgen Häffner, organiser of the "Thermals" area: "After exhibiting on a stand for three years and promoting thermals, we are now directly involved as a special section. We are totally satisfied, almost enthusiastic. Manufacturers, flying schools, suppliers of accessories and flying regions: everyone was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the exhibition. On Saturday we already reached our visitor numbers which we otherwise normally had in Sindelfingen or Böblingen. We got to know many people who had not previously attended the "Thermals" exhibition. They simply came from the cycling or hiking section and showed keen interest in "Thermals". We were therefore able to acquire numerous non-flyers as potential new customers. A large number of exhibitors sold basic and taster courses on Saturday, i.e. they made bookings. The visitors came from all age groups with more families on Sunday. Even a VIP in the shape of Wolfgang Schuster, the former Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, had a turn on the flight simulator. Our stage programme went down extremely well. Survival specialist Thomas Huber and also the crack flyer Chrigel Maurer attracted huge crowds. I believe that we will come back again next year. Most of our exhibitors were very satisfied.
With the "Thermals" area we jumped from the lowest league to the first division. The hall is professional, pleasant, bright and spacious. Since our industry is expanding, the exhibition is a perfect forum as part of CMT. We are expecting good business after the event."

A good omen for the exhibition since 93 per cent of surveyed exhibitors rated it on the whole as good to very good. The overall mark was a fantastic 1.6. 98 per cent of exhibitors were satisfied with the number of interested customers. 86 per cent rated their attendance at the exhibition as more successful than or just as successful as 2017 while four out of five exhibitors said their business success during the exhibition was very good or good. "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" is regarded as an important event for the tourist industry. After all, around 94 per cent of surveyed exhibitors said they would definitely or probably recommend it to other people.
Incidentally, none of the surveyed exhibitors turned their back on the exhibition. On the contrary, a clear majority of them have already registered for next year's event.

Here are examples of comments made by some exhibitors on the outcome of "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking 2018" during CMT: Sonja Moser, Stand Manager, Tourism Association for Hiking Hotels in Europa: "We have been attending "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" for many years. There was also a great deal going on this year in the new hall, especially on Sunday. You reach precisely the public you are looking for. Our stand was visited by people of all ages, a colourful mixture and numerous couples, but also solo travellers. The demand for hiking hotels is enormous. It is our impression that people have a longing for nature and that they are looking for quiet and individuality. Many regular guests came to our stand and people took away large numbers of our brochures. We are expecting a good level of bookings after the event. We are extremely satisfied and will certainly come back again next year." Gülsah Koch, Managing Director of Fairtrek Jicho Germany: "We took part in the exhibition for the first time with our start-up travel operator Afrika and gained a fantastic impression. The hall is also first-rate. We held a large number of positive discussions concerning trekking, mountain climbing and cosmopolitan holidays in Africa. There were some visitors who expressed specific booking intentions, and we delighted many of them with our offers. The majority of people on our stand were in the 25 to 55 age range. In principle, we would like to come back again. Let's see how business develops after the event." Martina Hoch, Deputy Operations Manager Tourism, Liechtenstein Marketing: "We have taken part in CMT on numerous occasions, including "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking". The new Hall 10 was extremely crowded, and our stand was also always busy. The visitors to our stand showed a great deal of interest and had a clear picture of what kind of holiday they wanted. On Sunday people came even more purposefully as if they had found out about our offers beforehand. Our brochures were in short supply at the end of the exhibition, two thirds of them had already gone on Saturday. We are coming back again in 2019. We believe that some visitors will book afterwards and will, in particular, make use of our special exhibition offers."

Axel Biermann, Managing Director, Ruhrtourismus GmbH: "We have been coming to the exhibition for many years and were again totally impressed and satisfied. So-called "best agers", i.e. people aged 55 and over, came to our stand. Our flyers and our topics went down very well with the visitors. In particular, we continually held good advisory discussions and it is highly likely that these people will make bookings later. The visitors wanted specific information. This is also due to the fact that many of them know the Ruhr District, work in the Stuttgart region and want to go on holiday in their homeland. We will also certainly come back again in 2019." Stefan Kulzer, Sales, ASISTA Teile fürs Rad GmbH & Co. KG: "We have taken part in "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" several times and can only say that this first-rate exhibition is always well-attended. The frequency on our stand was more than satisfactory. On both Saturday and Sunday we were pleased with customers' high propensity to make purchases. Our cycling panniers went down very well. A large number of older couples visited our stand. Many of them already have e-bikes and purchased suitable pannier bags or handlebar bags.
e-bikes are a major gain for our company and we profit from the high purchasing power of e-bike owners. We will also probably come back again next year. Our brand is now well-known and established at this exhibition." Siegried Zirkelbach, Hermann Hartje KG: "We were impressed with the hall and the now even larger cycling course. It was fantastic that our stand was situated very close to the cycling course. On Saturday we were literally overrun by the numerous visitors: We received countless inquiries and many people wanted to test bikes. We are expecting good business after the event and are already pleased for our bike dealers. There was enormous demand for all our e-bikes, especially folding bikes. People mainly want e-bikes - this goes right across all age groups. The majority of visitors attended the exhibition for a specific reason and some of them even travelled a long way, e.g. from north Germany. We distributed our brochures extremely quickly. Most of the visitors to our stand were well-informed and asked specific questions. It was noticeable how little money played a role. Purchasing power appeared to be huge. We will definitely come back again in 2019 as it is worthwhile."

Udo Nitsche, e-Bike Welt Stuttgart: "This exhibition turned out to be fantastic. We met many visitors from the region. This is an advantage for us since we actually want regional dealers to benefit and do business after the event. We are assuming that this will happen because the visitors demonstrated their purchasing power and the e-bike trend has the right target group at this exhibition. The visitors came from all age groups. e-bikes with a wheel size of 24" and over are already available. Children and adolescents can therefore also ride an e-bike. This is often a motivation for them to go cycling again with their parents. Electric load-carrying bikes are also very much in vogue. All this is capable of development and "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" is a good forum in this respect." Stefan Stiener, Velotraum GmbH & Co. KG: "All in all, the exhibition weekend was very positive for our company. The new hall is very good and the exhibition was ideally publicised within CMT. We established good contacts and the conversations were first-rate. We are hoping for corresponding business after the event. The number and expertise of visitors were really good. We will probably come back again in 2019." Alexander Neumann, Riese & Müller GmbH: "One thing is very clear: the new exhibition hall is superb and it was absolutely crazy on both days of the exhibition. The visitors were very interested and many of them were encouraged to make purchases. The large test course was also excellent for the interested visitors. It was used to a great extent. The visitors were predominantly aged 40 and over, and were purposeful. We had already handed out all of our 300 catalogues on Saturday and had no more material on Sunday. Our team was in demand all the time and conducted many advisory discussions. We were very satisfied because in Stuttgart we meet precisely the target group we are looking for."

Michael Chlewinski, Event Management/Marketing, BICO: "The number of visitors in the hall was enormous on both days of the exhibition. The visitors on Saturday were more knowledgeable, i.e. they asked more specific questions. The visitors were mixed and ranged from families with children through to senior citizens. There was enormous interest in e-bikes. Our accessories also proved very popular. I am certain that we have generated good business after the event. We made some sample sales during the exhibition. However our main objective is that our regional dealers profit afterwards. In my opinion, we attained this objective. Our ideal target group comes to "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking". We may well come back in 2019." Tamara Winograd, Marketing and Communication Manager, Bosch eBike Systems: "Visitors were especially interested in our innovations. They include two motors which make e-biking more comfortable in urban areas and across country, as well as a special motor for e-mountain bikers which creates a natural riding feeling and total enjoyment on the trails. One highlight was the world's first anti-lock braking system for pedelecs that is now ready for series production. As one of the world's largest exhibitions for tourism, CMT is an ideal platform to present Bosch e-bike technology and our initiatives to a wide audience. This is shown by our intensive and informative discussions with visitors: e-bikes are already an important part of mobility – both during everyday life or while on holiday."

The next "Cycling & Adventure Holidays with Hiking" will be held on the first weekend of CMT 2019, i.e. 12 and 13 January 2019.

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