Innovative concepts in Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8)

For the second time in Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8) showcases innovative products and services for traveling. Meet young companies who make it easier to book customized journeys or to exchange ideas with other travelers. Try out systems that make travelling less complicated and more relaxed on location. Listen to exciting talks about innovative concepts and ideas.
Welcome to the CMTrend joint stand in the Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8).

Get to know companies with whose assistance you can more easily book an individual holiday or exchange ideas with other travellers. Test systems which make travelling at your destination easier and make your holidays more emotional and more relaxed. Listen to exciting talks on innovative concepts and ideas.

Go on a journey to innovations in the tourism industry at CMT 2021 – the exhibitors in the CMTrend section are looking forward to becoming acquainted with you! We will inform you about the participating companies from late summer 2020 here.

Exhibitors 2020:

TRIP*PERFECT: 11.-13.01.2020
TripUp: 17.-19.01.2020
Masepo: 11.-13.01.2020
Fineway: 17.-19.01.2020
Tanzania Safari Bug: 11.-13.01.2020
vawidoo: 17.-19.01.2020
Feel the World travel: 11.-13.01.2020
sleeperoo: 11.-19.01.2020
CamperBoys: 11.-13.01.2020
Fairaway: 11.-13.01.2020
journaway: 14.-16.01.2020
MYLi - YOUR Travelbuddy: 14.-16.01.2020
Motourismo: 14.-16.01.2020
Iran REISEN 360: 14.-16.01.2020
so barrierefrei erleben: 11.-19.01.2020
betterbackpacking: 14.-19.01.2020
smooth traveller: 17.-19.01.2020
Juwelier Depperich: 17.-19.01.2020
Zeltzuhause: 11.-13.01.2020
Reisen erleben Noll: 14.-16.01.2020
Questlog: 14.-19.01.2020