15 - 23 Jan 2022 The Holiday Exhibition

Travel without borders

A common currency, the world’s largest single market, Europe-wide roaming, cross-border working and living and the freedom to travel to all countries - the European Union has many advantages in store for its citizens. Reason enough to celebrate Europe at CMT! Under the motto “EU holiday” we bring European flair to the halls: Folklore from all corners of the continent and presentations of European partner cities and the best holiday destinations enrich the trade fair. Organised in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Justice and European Affairs, visitors can experience the excellence of our continent and plan their next trip here.


Euronauts discover Europe

Discover Europe in very different ways - that is the exciting mission of the Euronauts in the months before CMT. The travel teams have been on the road since July and share their experiences with us. You can follow their adventures on the Instagram channels of the Euronauts and CMT:


Steffi and Lui from Comewithus2

Kathi and Paul from Vannomaden

Manu from Schalldose on Tour

Phil from The Sunnyside

Dominik from StepByStepTraveller

Christian and Maren from Road & Board

Peter from Familie draußen unterwegs

Rene von Bikefex

Love letters to Europe

Europe is great! You think so, too? Then write a love letter to Europe at CMT and become part of the great declaration of love to our European homeland.