Desire to travel remains undiminished


CMT 2019: Satisfied exhibitors and 260,000 happy visitors at the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure

"Well over a quarter of million visitors within nine days - that's a fantastic achievement," enthused Roland Bleinroth, President of Messe Stuttgart. "CMT therefore clearly underlined its position as the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure. "It was noticeable that not only the exhibition halls were always very crowded, but that new events and further developments also functioned very well and impressed the visitors. The special exhibitions "Cycling and Hiking Holidays" with the "Thermals" section, "Golf and Wellness Holidays", and "Cruises and Ship Travel" turned out to be real crowd-pullers.“

More than 40 events for trade visitors

One focal point this year: the expansion of the programme for trade visitors.
Over 40 events – ranging from the fvw Destination Germany Day, the Travel Market and the Parking Summit through to the Careers' Day – attracted 36,000 trade visitors (14 per cent of the total number) to Stuttgart. A quarter of them actually travelled more than 100 kilometres.

The Outdoor Baden-Württemberg Award was another new element. Around 40 tourist offerings from all over Baden-Württemberg competed for this Award which was presented to the winners, i.e. the Albstadt Bike Zone and the Münsingen Mobility Centre, during the exhibition. "In addition to the key topic of 'Outdoor Baden-Württemberg‘, the cultural partner Federal Horticultural Show Heilbronn and the caravanning partner region Carinthia, we successfully positioned new topics," said Guido von Vacano, a member of the Board of Management of Messe Stuttgart. "For example, the new start-up area 'CMTrend‘, the Nations Day for country representatives or the first ever tours of the exhibition on the topic of 'Barrier-free travel'."

CMT partners proved very popular

The CMT partners this year were also very satisfied. Eva Meißnitzer, Marketing and PR Manager for the Villach tourism region, said that CMT harboured ideal visitor potential for the caravanning partner region Carinthia: "We met a large number of regular visitors and received any amount of detailed questions. We are very satisfied with our attendance at the exhibition and also not least with the marvellous media reporting." Hanspeter Faas, Managing Director of the Federal Horticultural Show in Heilbronn, also had "nothing but praise." As the cultural partner of the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure, "we were able to present many topics of interest to people who love travelling." In spite of the continuing trend towards short breaks, Faas was surprised by the high demand: "Visitors to the exhibition wanted a great deal of information and took plenty of time – and they are precisely our target group! CMT was an ideal start to the season for us."

Nationwide interest at a high level

The visitors to the exhibition appreciated the extensive accompanying programme and the diverse offerings at the fully booked up Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. They awarded CMT the school mark 2. It is therefore not surprising that 93 per cent of surveyed visitors said they were intending to come back again to the exhibition in 2020. And 97 per cent said they would also recommend CMT to friends and relatives. The visitors stayed at CMT for an average of five hours in order to obtain information from the exhibitors and look at the 1,000 exhibited leisure vehicles. 25 per cent of visitors travelled a distance of more than 100 kilometres to Stuttgart. 8 per cent of visitors alone came from Bavaria.

The caravanning industry also carried over the momentum from the previous year into CMT 2019. According to the caravan industry representatives, Stuttgart confirmed its function as a barometer for the mobile home and caravan industry. The growing popularity of nearby destinations is directly connected to another trend, i.e. the substantial increase in demand for caravanning holidays. "CMT once again proved to be a successful exhibition," praised Holger W. Siebert, Vice President of the German Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD). He said that he was proud that the importance of caravanning at CMT was increasing continuously. Siebert: "This is reflected in the successful course taken by the entire industry in the past." Oliver Waidelich, Managing Director of the German Caravan Trade Association (DCHV), said he was equally optimistic: "Dealers started the new season at CMT with confidence. This was confirmed by the reception on the exhibition stands. Visitors were very interested in leisure vehicles. Holidays are becoming ever shorter, but instead more frequent – and mobile homes are ideal for this form of travel. We assume that demand will also remain high in future.“

The motor home parking area and the additional parking spaces at the "CMT Motel" were also greatly appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike. The exhibition recorded 7,000 overnight stays with more than 3,500 vehicles, i.e. a number corresponding to the record level in 2018. The exhibitors, visitors and journalists who parked their vehicles travelled from all over Germany and from 14 European countries.

Great demand in the special sections at CMT

Exhibitors in the special sections "Golf & Wellness Holidays" and "Cruises & Ship Travel", which were held on the second weekend from Thursday to Sunday, were also very pleased with the outcome of the event. Around 250 companies presented their innovations and offers for the 2019 golfing and holiday year in Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10). Their unanimous verdict:
Not only the number of visitors was very high, but also their "quality", i.e. the concrete interest and the willingness to make bookings.

On the four CMT days both special sections attracted a large number of interested and well-informed visitors, as confirmed by Otto Leibfritz, President of the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association: "Although we have always seen growing interest to date, there was a real explosion this time around. Stuttgart is a wonderful location for exhibitions and the cooperation between the CMT Team and our crew was fantastic. Overall, I awarded the exhibition top marks. We were very popular and welcomed large numbers of visitors to our stand. The target public of the exhibition corresponds exactly to our target group, every purchaser generation from 14 to 18 was in the hall. We will definitely come back again next year. That's a must!“ Christian Hauk, Marketing & Sales Director, Bentour Reisen, also shared this opinion: "Every day was well-attended. Since we not only offer golfing holidays, but also address a wide target group with our holiday portfolio, placement in this hall with the four key topics is ideal for our company. We will certainly come back again, our attendance at the next CMT has already been planned." Marcel Baumgard, owner of Powering Drives: "The exhibition was totally positive for our company. Although long drives are not the typical golf game, but more of a young feature of the sport, visitors positively welcomed this innovative experiment. We received only good feedback.“ Patrick Schicha, Vital Hotel Meiser, Fichtenau: "The demand for wellness offers and short luxury stays has been rising for many years. It is therefore important to have a presence at this exhibition. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the exhibition and have already booked to come next year. We especially appreciate the competent discussions with visitors. And success can be felt directly – we recorded a pronounced increase in the number of bookings during the exhibition.“

There was also a good mood in the "Cruises and Ship Travel" section. Berthold Allendorf, Managing Director of Nowatours (represented by the Zughansa brand): "We came here for the first time and had a good impression. We find an important source market among visitors to the exhibition. Planning by the project team was perfect. I would therefore like to award the exhibition the mark 1+. We are planning to come back again next year with our main stand.“ Andrea Hendel, Head of Sales Germany / Austria, Ponant: "The exhibition turned out very well for our company. We meet first-rate customers who examine the topic of luxury cruises beforehand and come specifically to our stand. We are also always pleased to meet our regular customers here. We want to come back to Stuttgart.“ Katharina Herrlich, International Sales Manager, Sailing Classics: "Cruises and Ship Travel" is extremely important for our company since we reach here with our niche product a target group which we would otherwise have problems addressing. We held good discussions with a large number of well-informed and interested customers. This is the reason why this exhibition is also so important for our company – we meet regular guests here and impress new customers. The support provided by the exhibition team is perfect – we would naturally like to come back again.“

Cycling holidays and hiking still on the upswing

The focal point of interest on the first weekend of CMT was the special exhibition "Cycling and Hiking Holidays with the "Thermals" section. Cycling and hiking holidays are on the road to success and are becoming increasingly more popular. The 361 exhibitors were again able to see this for themselves. They praised the knowledgeable, interested visitors who asked specifically about current trends and undiscovered regions for hiking and cycling holidays, or inquired about the right accessories and suitable clothing.

Anyone who cannot wait for CMT 2020 in Stuttgart has two alternatives:
The next CMT China will be held at the Nanjing Trade Fair Centre from 31 May to 2 June 2019.
Messe Stuttgart is also staging for the second time the exhibition "Touristik & Caravaning“ at the Leipzig Trade Fair Centre from 20 to 24 November 2019.

CMT 2020 will take place in Stuttgart from 11 to 19 January 2020.
You can find information on CMT 2019, as well as photos and logos online at:

Overview of further comments by exhibitors

There were very good marks across the board from exhibitors for the high expertise of the visitors. The exhibitors praised the fact that the visitors came to CMT well-informed and prepared:

Gerd Adamietzki, Managing Director, Knaus Tabbert: "CMT 2019 was again a very successful start to the season for Knaus Tabbert GmbH. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the exhibition. This event in Stuttgart is always an important industry and mood barometer for our company and confirms our strategy of always focusing on customer benefits. The good exhibition location of Stuttgart itself, the large number of visitors, short distances and first-class organisation enable us to offer customers optimum service here.“

Bernd Wuschack, Managing Director, Carthago Group: "CMT provided the perfect start to our anniversary year - 40 years of Carthago and Malibu. Visitors expressed a great deal of interest, which corresponded to the same high level as that in 2018. Our flagship, the Carthago liner-for-two, became a real hit. We were also very busy on our Malibu stand during the nine days of the exhibition. The Malibu Van Charming GT proved very popular while the wide range of Malibu mobile homes in Hall 5 also attracted large crowds. We are therefore going home satisfied and are looking forward to the start of the spring season.“

Roland Beeh, Managing Director, Hahn Automobile: "Our attendance at CMT 2019 was a complete success. We celebrated the 100th anniversary of Hahn Automobile at CMT, the 25th anniversary of our participation in the exhibition and five years of the Hahn Bulli Club. The van section has grown the fastest, customers are looking for multi-functionality and flexibility. Our new 'Grand California‘ therefore went down very well with visitors. Everything functioned and we are satisfied!“

Markus Liebenau, Sales Manager, Space Camper GmbH: "I rate CMT 2019 as positive, we concluded some good sales transactions. Generally speaking, there was a good mood among the dealers. I especially like the Bulli Area since it means shorter distances for customers. This has an effect on the willingness to make purchases. We have been coming to CMT for many years and will return the next time."

Christian Reisch, Managing Director, Alde Deutschland: "Caravanning is generally more popular than ten years ago. We determined that the caravanning section is also continuously becoming more important at CMT. A large number of customers obtained their information here prior to making a purchase. This applies to all brands. Our presentation concept proved to be a total success. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome and organisation of the exhibition which was also superbly publicised!“

Jan Schelper, Sales Manager, Reimo: "We drew positive conclusions from CMT.
The visitors were first-rate, sales were positive. Since current problems did not have any effect on orders, there is still a good mood within the industry. Here at the exhibition we were able to provide advice and clear up misunderstandings.“

Erich Herzog, owner and Managing Director of the company of the same name: "At CMT 2019 we recorded a slight increase compared with the previous year. Camping has developed positively as a holiday form and has acquired a new image. Especially for family holidays, it is now regarded as very chic to travel with a tent or in a motor home. CMT therefore turned out to be good for our company, we are satisfied."

Felix Teipel, Chief Buyer, Camp Nation: "The crowds throughout the tent section were enormous. The trend is more towards glamping, furniture and lounge furniture. Many visitors were well-informed and showed they had a great deal of experience with tents. We sold roughly as much as in 2018, held first-rate discussions and are generally very satisfied with the outcome of the exhibition."

The impressions in the tourism section of the exhibition were just as positive.

Marc Holzmann, Product Manager, RuppertBrasil: "Since CMT is always a good event for our company, we come here every year. Compared with other holiday exhibitions, Stuttgart is well ahead. The visitors in Baden-Württemberg are extremely keen on travelling. We were given positive feedback, received a large number of inquiries and were able to provide our customers with detailed information. We are very satisfied."

Gabriel Vieira, Account Manager, Aruba Tourist Office: "CMT was very well-attended. I have been coming here for four years, and it is now better than ever.
I also heard similar comments from other Latin American exhibitors. We conducted first-rate discussions and answered many specific questions. It was noticeable that a large number of visitors had obtained specific information beforehand. We will definitely come back again next year."

Sanjiv Nashist, Assistant Director, Indian Tourist Office in Frankfurt: "I attended CMT for the first time and thought the exhibition was fantastic. It was very busy, and we received a positive response. All our travel organisers are satisfied with their number of bookings. Visitors were interested in all parts of the country, while many of them knew a great deal about India. A couple visited our stand yesterday. They had been to India 53 times in the last 30 years and wanted information about their next holiday.“

Petra Sobek, Product Manager, Saxony Tourism Marketing Company: "CMT 2019 was a very good exhibition which was always very busy. Colleagues who have been coming here for 25 years said that it was the best ever CMT. The visitors in Stuttgart were interesting and were keen to obtain advice. Many of them had already visited Saxony. We are also benefiting from the positive development of tourism in Germany."

Aleksandra Dolapčev, Market Manager, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia:
"Serbia has been represented at CMT for nine years. We have been extending our presence during this period and Germans are paying more attention to Serbia as a tourist destination. As a CMT partner country in 2014, we received a major boost which finally established our country on the market. CMT is the most important exhibition for us in Germany, and we want to continue our presence here.“

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