Holiday cinema

Over 17,000 visitors thrilled by around 500 talks

Impress visitors in the CMT holiday cinema with superb pictures, multimedia visions and films. An ideal way to present your country, your region or your attractive holiday offers to more than 17,000 visitors in an exclusive setting.

We will help you and provide you with the

  • rooms in the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart
  • row seating for 120 persons and
  • basic technical equipment (beamer, screen, loudspeakers, 1 microphone)

We will also publicise your event on billboards on the trade fair grounds and in the Internet. A link to your homepage and your Facebook page is also possible.

We will charge a flat-rate handling fee of € 200.00 (plus VAT) for the first hour each time. Every additional hour will be invoiced at € 50.00 (plus VAT). Any additionally required equipment or special seating will be invoiced separately (individual costs on request).

Feel free to contact Dörte Werner: