19.02.2024 - 15:56

Norican’s Rahul Prasad joins printed casting platform as CTO

Rahul Prasad has joined German printed casting platform CASTFAST as chief technology officer (CTO). He took up the role at the start-up in Mainz in January 2024, after 5 years at Norican Group’s IIoT brand Monitizer in Munich, where he was Head of AI & IoT.

CASTFAST was spun out of specialist foundry Römheld & Moelle at the end of last year, after successfully building a technology platform around the foundry’s 3D sand printing operation. 

The idea: to radically transform and improve the way castings are purchased, by combining 3D sand printing (fast molding entirely without pattern) and process digitization to allow casting buyers to easily procure high-quality castings online, with instant quotes and fast order processing. 

CASTFAST’s ambition is to connect a whole ecosystem of foundries to the platform, so buyers can choose from a multitude of suppliers with ease.

Rahul on his new role: “I’ve joined CASTFAST at an incredibly exciting time. The team has already built and proven the process, with orders running through the platform keeping two sand printers busy. We now want to scale this dramatically, so casting buyers can get any casting they need, when they need it, from a superior process. Whether its aluminium, steel or iron. 

“It’s my job as CTO to make the process as seamless and automated as possible, building new features into the platform that enable people to buy with confidence. All the things that purchasing departments used to hate about finding a casting supplier – the inflexibility, the slow quotation process, the unpredictability – we can remove in one go. It’s a huge opportunity for small and medium-sized foundries to tap into a better process and find new customers. With CASTFAST, we want to help foundries thrive and put some energy back into the industry.” 


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