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21.04.2020 - 16:11

New computation method for continuous casting in THERCAST

The release of the new version of THERCAST software, THERCAST NxT 2.0, by Transvalor is the opportunity to introduce a new functionnality: the global slice computation.

THERCAST is the first simulation software to propose a global slice computation.

What is global slice computation? The user can cut his casting by slices on strategic places and launch a global computation from the mold to the caster end, or chained computations on predefined cast length. THERCAST makes the calculations slice by slice from each previous slice computation and ensures the continuity of the calculation for all fields (temperature, liquid fraction, velocities, pressure, etc.).

Significant reduction of computation time

Thanks to this innovative mean of computation, the computation time (CPU time) for continuous casting applications is greatly reduced, especially for cases of industrial thermomechanical computation and soft reduction. For instance, an industrial case of soft reduction with a metallurgical length greater than 20m demonstrated that the computation time could be reduced from 7 weeks to 5 days.

THERCAST software for continuous casting

THERCAST allows a true visualization of  the continuous casting process, from the filling to the solidification thanks to a liquid/solid thermomechanical coupling.

The software incorporates a dedicated interface showing all the parameters of the continuous casting machine. This allows users to digitally translate the geometry and parameters of the machine (inputs, rollers, sprays, etc.).


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