21.01.2022 - 09:56

Lightweight Magnesium Cross Car Beam (CCB): GF Casting Solutions wins European Die Casting Award 2022

GF Casting Solutions has won the first price in the category Magnesium at the European Die Casting Award ceremony. The winning magnesium part is a cross car beam (CCB) for Daimler AG’s current S-class (BR223).

The die-cast magnesium cross car beam was awarded, among other things, for its design adapted to the very narrow environment. Even under dynamic loads, the CCB withstands the stresses due to its stiffness, in order to minimize vibrations around the steering wheel and the head-up display to the specified level. Simultaneously, in the event of a frontal crash, the component must allow a high degree of deformation (energy absorption) without fracture to ensure that it does not pose a danger to the passengers. Finally, the CCB's additional brackets, which were also developed at GF Casting Solutions, allow various add-on parts to be attached, which otherwise could only have been mounted in an extremely complex manner or not at all.

Within the framework of product development, casting simulations were continuously carried out in parallel with the CAD design, while the results of these simulations were fed back into further component design and tooling technology (Altenmarkt plant).

The prototypes were tested with the highest level of care with regard to their microstructure, surface condition and structural damage (cracks) and sent to the customer for further use.

The structural part is made of the magnesium-aluminum alloy AM50 and weighs only 3.48 kg at dimensions of 1523 mm x 508 mm x 300 mm. Due to the possibility of complex component shaping, small wall thicknesses and small tolerances (near net shape), die casting offers optimum utilization of the very limited installation space, yet a design that is suitable for the stresses. The good yielding properties (smallest wall thicknesses) and low density of magnesium make it possible to produce very lightweight yet stiff designs. The component was developed jointly with Daimler AG and the GF plant in Altenmarkt (Austria) where it is also manufactured.

Among all casting solutions taking part in the competition, a highly qualified jury out of scientists and industry experts chose the best components with a special eye on innovation, quality, economic viability, resource-efficient construction and complexity.


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