18.07.2023 - 13:44

GF Casting Solutions achieves LEED silver certification

The GF Casting Solutions plant in Shenyang, China, has received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification in accordance with "v4 Building Design and Construction: New Construction and Major Renovations" by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Buildings account for a significant portion of global energy-related CO2 emissions, making them critical in the fight against climate change. The LEED Silver certification achieved by GF Casting Solutions serves as another proof to the company's dedication to sustainability and reinforces its position as an industry leader in driving innovation and environmental responsibility.

LEED, the world's most widely used green building rating system, provides a comprehensive framework for the development of healthy, highly efficient, and environmentally sustainable buildings that deliver significant social, economic, and environmental benefits. By adhering to prerequisites and earning credits across various categories, including carbon emissions, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, transportation, materials, and indoor environmental quality, projects can accumulate points to achieve LEED certification.

GF Casting Solutions in Shenyang met these criteria and received the esteemed certification in the silver category with a total of 59 points. Notably, the plant's performance stood out in key areas such as Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction, Indoor Water Use Reduction, and Optimize Energy Performance.

The newly inaugurated facility in northern China spans 48’000 m2 and demonstrates the company's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge environmental technologies. The plant integrates a range of sustainable features, including innovative light chimneys that use natural daylight through mirror tubes, on-site solar panels projected to prevent 700 tons of CO2 emissions annually, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

By prioritizing sustainability throughout the facility, GF Casting Solutions has optimized energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment for its employees.

This LEED Silver certification significantly supports GF Casting Solutions in pursuing the goals outlined in its Strategy 2025. As a recognized global leader in innovation and sustainability in the foundry industry, the company is dedicated to combatting climate change and reducing its environmental impact.


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