CastForge 2018 in numbers

12.07.2018 - 06:32

Charts prove the success / exhibitors and visitors are enthusiastic

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Ausstelleranzahl_en: 153 exhibitors from 18 countries (international exhibitors: 61 percent) presented their comprehensive product portfolio at CastForge.

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Aussteller-Gesamturteil_en: The exhibitors, who were at the first CastForge, were impressed with the event.

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Besucherinteressen_en: For visitors CastForge offers a unique platform when it comes to researching high-quality, ready-to-install castings and forgings.

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Besucherzahl_en: The 3,700 visitors came from 32 countries (21 percent international visitors) - besides Germany mainly from Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France - to the trade fair grounds.

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Top-Branchen_en: Whether weighing just a few grams or several tonnes, castings and forgings ranging from blanks and machining through to the ?nal component are the focal points of CastForge.

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_en: The CastForge in Numbers

CastForge_2018_PM09_CastForge-in-Zahlen_Save-the-date_en: CastForge 2020: Save the date

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