12.07.2021 - 09:40

Schmidt + Clemens continues to invest in training

The Lindlar-based stainless steel specialist Schmidt + Clemens (S + C) has invested over € 90,000 in the in-house academy to further expand the range of apprenticeship courses in the fields of electronics and automation.

"The topic of Industry 4.0 is particularly important to us", reports Mr. Dominic Otte. “Processes are becoming more and more complex and the automation of work steps continues. That of course also changes the training. ”Mr. Dominic Otte is the managing director of the family company and is responsible for both production and training at S + C.

In the area of ??the S + C Academy, the new "Electrical Engineering" training area was built, a specially shielded area with particularly high safety precautions. A new training robot will be put into operation in October. However, S + C not only invested in equipping the training workshop, it also hired an electrical engineering instructor.

"With the beginning of the apprenticeship in September, two more apprentices will start to become electronics technicians, so that we will then train a total of seven of our own employees", says Mr. Uwe Leimbach, head of training with pride. “But we also cooperate with other companies in our area and take on the basic and specialist training of electronics and mechatronics engineers for them. The offer of exam preparation for external trainees is also available."

Since this summer, S + C has also been the examination location for the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the electrical sector.


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