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24.06.2020 - 13:40

Online event invitation for "From Know How to Know Why! Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting"

To achieve weight and thus cost savings while maintaining the same quality and stability? The Digital Twin of a component makes it possible to realize such specifications. Join the EICF Webinar of Altair, a well-known software development company for Digital Twins, which will be held together with FEINGUSS BLANK and learn more!

14 July 11:00 AM CEST
Dr. -Ing. Santhanu Jana from the company Altair and Andrej Wetzel from FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH give together an unique insight into the world of Digital Twins and related advantages to digital designs based on a practice example realised in investment casting. Development based on experience often means that you know what happens, but you don‘t know why! The use of Digital Twins in the development helps to convert empirical into physical knowledge. This creates a valid basis for optimization and caters the need for rising performance, lightweight or cost requirements.

The webinar presentation will:

  • demonstrate the application of simulation-driven design and additive manufacturing to drive next generation lightweight designs through the investment casting process.
  • show an integrated workflow on simulation-driven-design and manufacturability, to obtain lightweight parts in a single software environment.
  • feature how to apply this digital twin platform for investment casting, sand-casting and additive manufacturing or hybrid manufacturing processes.

More information and registration: https://www.eicf.org/events/webinar-series/webinar-14-07-2020/

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