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“Turn to Tornos” – visitors will discover success-triggering, future-oriented solutions

Achieving greater efficiency is a key to productivity and Tornos slate of solutions to be shown at AMB 2018 in Stuttgart and again demonstrate why manufacturers consistently turn to Tornos’ products.

With the theme, “Turn to Tornos,” AMB 2018 visitors to Tornos booth (4A11) can expect to experience the many reasons that manufacturers turn to Tornos for new, future-oriented solutions conceived to drive their success. In a modern, 200-square-meter exhibition space with a keen focus on positioning manufacturers for the future, Tornos will showcase six machines, including one equipped with a part-handling robot.

As Industry 4.0 gains a foothold, manufacturers increasingly look to automate their processes—and trend isn’t limited to multispindle machines or high-end solutions like the SwissDECO. To bridge that gap, Tornos has partnered with a company offering affordable automation solutions: At AMB 2018, visitors will experience Tornos’ Swiss GT 32 equipped with a robot for loading and unloading parts inside the machine as well as part palletization. This solution can easily be extended to include part cleaning and measuring devices.

The MultiSwiss family

Also featured in Tornos AMB 2018 booth will be the MultiSwiss 6x16 sporting the contemporary Tornos design and the MultiSwiss 8x26, a worldwide success across a vast array of market segments due to its power, precision and productivity. With eight spindles and eight slides in main operations that can accommodate up to three tools per slide, the MultiSwiss 8x26 takes the range to a new level of performance in terms of complexity and productivity. Its eight highly dynamic spindles with synchronous drives and its ultra-fast barrel indexing allow the MultiSwiss 8x26 to produce parts at highest productivity. Furthermore, its powerful 11 Kw motorspindles have high torque (16.1 Nm) and each is equipped with a C axis, including the counter spindle. Reaching 8,000 rpm in a few tenths of a second, these spindles make a significant contribution to the machine’s performance. 

Accommodating maximum part lengths of 65 mm, the machine can be equipped with optional Y axes to further increase its versatility. The MultiSwiss 8x26 is available in three configurations: with a Y axis, with three Y axes, or with six axes for the most complex parts.

Industry 4.0: TISIS at the forefront of the industry 4.0

Tornos’ ever-evolving, Industry 4.0-aligned TISIS will have a starring role in Tornos’ AMB 2018 presence. This future-ready software takes the complexity out of programming and is continuously developed based on user feedback, putting Tornos – and its customers – at the forefront of the industry 4.0. TISIS optimove represents the latest development. Inaugurated on the SwissDECO range, optimove allows users to access the machine in real time on the computer, without having to go on the machine itself. More importantly, TISIS optimove optimizes tool movements in an autonomous way to reduce cycle time, the tool path and the useless acceleration. The results: increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and less machine wear as well as a reduction in energy consumption and machine wear. TISIS offers substantial savings while fully exploiting the potential of the SwissDECO, for example.

SwissNano 7: A very high-performance machine

Tornos’ SwissNano 4 has found its way outside of micromechanics, thanks to its outstanding machining stability. Today, it is boosting manufacturers precision in the production of connectors, dental equipment and even the automobile market, underscoring its reputation as the machine of choice when precision parts are needed. This success inspired Tornos to develop the SwissNano 7, with larger capacity, while maintaining the Swissnano range’s stability and precision.

Milling: A turnkey solution

Tornos milling solutions – the former Almac brand, now fully integrated under the Tornos banner –will also be prominently featured at AMB 2018. Tornos milling solutions are customizable and adapt to any need. Productive and reliable, they constitute a unique offer on the market with their extremely competitive prices. For example, the seven-axis CU 2007 is an excellent alternative to an expensive turning/ milling center, while the BA 1008 machine has found its place among the most demanding watch and medical customers.

Tornos Service at AMB

Tornos Service will be in the spotlight at this trade show, providing visitors to experience the difference that Tornos’ fast, competent and reliable support can make when it comes to productivity. With 14 Tornos Service Centers strategically located throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, Tornos Service is backed by Tornos’ more than 125 years of expertise and in-depth understanding of manufacturers’ processes, applications and challenges across a wide range of industrial segments.


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