10.03.2022 - 10:58

KNOLL certified as "Excellent training organisation"

For students looking for a training place it is often difficult to identify how good training organisations actually are. Therefore, the "Excellent training organisation" seal of approval gives them a reliable and neutral guide.

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the first companies this year to obtain the "Excellent training organisation" seal of approval for its excellent quality of training. In an anonymous survey the trainees answered approximately 100 detailed questions on the quality of their training. Topics included the training content, the interaction with the trainees in the workplace or future opportunities.

For the seal of approval key performance indicators were also collected with the human resources managers such as the number of trainees taken on and the dropout rate. "This combination of the key performance indicators and the evaluation by the trainees gives young people reliable information about how good a training organisation actually is", says business psychologist Judith Grefe from "ertragswerkstatt", who is in charge of awarding the seal of approval. Because only organisations who get high marks from their trainees and are actively involved in the training are an "Excellent training organisation 2022".

The seal of approval has been awarded every year since 2013. In recent years the quality of training in more than 100 companies every year has been comprehensively assessed. The "Excellent training organisation" initiative is thus the largest independent and neutral certification for training organisations in Germany.

A prerequisite for participation was that the companies have at least 5 trainees. "This is important for us because this is the only way we could conduct an anonymous survey where the trainees can answer openly and honestly", says Judith Grefe from "ertragswerkstatt".

KNOLL obtained the "Excellent training organisation 2022" seal of approval.

Matthias Knoll, Managing Director: "Apart from the sense of responsibility for the well-being of our employees, great importance is attached to training and education in our company. What we invest in the knowledge and skills of the employees today ensures future success." The particular commitment of KNOLL is reflected in the fact that their own junior staff are trained in-house and weaker students are also consciously given an opportunity. "We are currently training 110 trainees and students in 13 different skilled occupations and 4 dual courses of studies", says Dirk Reiner, Business Training Manager at KNOLL.

KNOLL received an outstanding testimonial from its trainees. The trainees rated the superb work environment as well as the modern and high-quality equipment of the workstations very positively.

"Not some jury, but our trainees themselves anonymously evaluated their company. This is why we are especially happy about the award and the results. At the same time, they are an incentive for us to continue investing in training and education. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our trainees and the committed trainers", highlights Matthias Knoll.


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