JUMAT flexible cylindrical grinding machine impresses with its reduced tooling time and extremely high level of precision

03.06.2020 - 14:41

In their new production hall, Kratzer GmbH & Co. KG is uses the JUMAT cylindrical grinding machine to manufacture highly complex workpieces for dual-clutch gearboxes. The grinding machine concept from JUNKER, which has been precisely tailored to the customer‘s requirements, carries out flexible grinding operations with extreme precision.

On a JUNKER JUMAT 3000, Kratzer GmbH & Co. KG manufactures gear parts for complex high-performance gearboxes for sports cars. To produce small batches of different dual-clutch components, Kratzer required flexibility with minimized tooling time and extreme precision. The three spindle JUMAT 3000/60 cylindrical grinding machine proves itself as the ideal basis for providing Kratzer with the latest technology and advanced tools for the production of sophisticated components.

The gear components are ground in batch sizes of around 3000 pieces. From the outset, the retooling required between the different workpieces was included in the development of the process and, in the end, reduced to a minimum. "The old machine has to be retooled several times a week; with the JUMAT, we have found a flexible cylindrical grinding machine that covers these many different grinding operations with reduced tooling time." explains Florian Kratzer, Managing Director of Kratzer GmbH & Co. KG.

The dual-clutch gearboxes for sports cars must meet the highest standards and therefore require extremely tight tolerances. The JUMAT combines precision and process stability with flexibility and speed. But Florian Kratzer was not only impressed by the CBN grinding machine itself, the project and process planning carried out by JUNKER‘s grinding experts was also an important selling point: "We were extremely satisfied with all of the project planning because JUNKER always found a suitable and constructive solution for us. Choosing JUNKER and the JUMAT 3000/60 was absolutely the right decision."

For the family business Kratzer, seamless, quick decision-making is just as important as precision and service. Kratzer and JUNKER are united in their commitment to precision, quality and customer proximity. Florian Kratzer confirms: "JUNKER kept this promise and quickly made our wishes a reality."


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