30.05.2022 - 10:58

Innovation award for smart metal cutting

Digitalization has reached the machine tool. The new iTENDO² contributed its shares to this. The smart toolholder provides real-time data directly "closest to the part" and helps to quickly introduce optimal machining processes. The German Design Council has now honored this SCHUNK innovation with the German Innovation Award 2022.

It is the right choice when it comes to perfect workpiece surfaces, longer tool service life and fewer rejects during machining: The smart iTENDO² is a key component in the digitalization of machine tools – and the latest award winner at SCHUNK. The jury of the German Design Council was impressed by the innovative technology, and therefore awarded it this year with the German Innovation Award. The combination of low-vibration hydraulic expansion technology and the possibilities of digital process monitoring opens up new potential for users in terms of resource-saving and efficient machining. The smart hydraulic expansion toolholder is ready for use in 2 minutes and can be operated intuitively. Its integrated 100 g acceleration sensor measures vibrations where they occur and provides precise stability data in real time. This makes it possible to find the optimal parameters for stable machining more quickly and thus optimize processes in just a few steps. Speeds of rotation of up to 30,000 RPM make it suitable for use in many industries and demanding series operations. 

The new iTENDO² easy connect variant is available from July
SCHUNK currently offers the smart technology in two digitalization stages: As a basic version iTENDO² pad with tablet PC for detecting processes easily. The intensity of the vibrations can be displayed and evaluated via a standard app. It can also intuitively create alarm and trend evaluations to sustainably optimize processes or introduce new processes more quickly. Since the interfering contour of the compact and powerful iTENDO² corresponds 1:1 to that of a SCHUNK standard toolholder, it can be easily replaced by a standard product once the process is set. Extensive reprogramming of the system is not necessary. The extended iTENDO² easy connect variant is now also available with a simple data interface. It can transfer measured values from the toolholder to other systems, making it possible to use the signals for the machine or process monitoring. This variant can also be optionally directly integrated into the machine for easy exact limit monitoring.

This year, the German Design Council will present the German Innovation Award for the fifth time. It recognizes cross-industry innovations that differ from previous solutions in terms of user-friendliness and added value.


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