13. - 17.09.2022 Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung
30.07.2018 - 11:09

HAIMER i4.0 - Connected to the future

The HAIMER Group will present a wide variety of products from tool holders and presetters, shrinking and balancing technology to solid carbide end mills and 3D sensors at AMB, (hall 1, booth C71).

HAIMER can bundle all these components with its Tool Room hardware solutions with functional and ergonomic workplace design.

HAIMER offers two options for integrating tool holders via digital communication in production. The first option is the RFID data chip, which HAIMER tool holders can optionally be equipped with. This wireless readable and writable data memory ensures the secure identification of the respective tool and its chuck. It is able to store the actual data (geometry, balancing grade, etc.) given by balancing and presetting devices and to then transfer it to the machine tool. It can also collect information from the machine tool, for example, with regard to the tool life. 

As another option, the chucks are available with a laser-printed QR or Data Matrix code, which can be read by scanners and evaluated by several systems. It contains the serial number of the tool, which allows a cross-software solution, e.g. the HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller) to establish a connection with the corporate network, thereby enabling a clear identification of the tool and to access additional tool data. (Assembly, Part Numbers, Stock Adjustment, 3-D Models). However, in this case, additional information cannot be stored on the tool itself.

In addition to digital enhancements, HAIMER will be presenting at the booth a multitude of useful novelties in the field of metal cutting. Along with high-performance products for tool clamping in the CNC milling machine, HAIMER now also offers clamping options for turning machines. The new shrink fit collets are available in ER 16 and ER 25 and are compatible with all common clamping nuts. They can also be used with driven tool holders. The optional Cool Jet slots ensure even more process reliability and maximum cooling. 
In the field of Duo-Lock™ - the modular tool interface for highest demands - HAIMER has expanded its range: Collets with Duo-Lock threads make it possible to preserve the advantages of the milling tools even when turning. The modular tools deliver maximum stability and resilience thanks to their unique double-cone thread design. Due to the high length repeatability the Duo-Lock cutting tool heads can even be changed within the machine. Duo-Lock collets are compatible with all conventional ER collet chucks for milling and they can also be used with driven tool holders and rotary transfer machines.
In addition to the collets, the Duo-Lock range also includes solid carbide, heavy metal or steel extensions as well as solid carbide blanks for maximum flexibility when customers wish to apply their own tool geometry.


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