01.12.2023 - 15:40

Grooving and parting off tools for high precision in short grooving operations

ARNO Werkzeuge, Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH, has expanded its product range. With TE09 and TE14, the family-owned company presents two ground grooving plate sizes for high-precision short grooves up to 6.5 mm.

The pressed three-edged inserts are coated differently depending on the application and are precision ground. This ensures high accuracy during the parting-off process as well as when changing panels. Users can precisely maintain the required tolerances. The clamping in the manufacturer´s ATS tool holder enables unique grooving operations.

„With our two new sizes, users achieve maximum precision with the lowest tolerance when grooving and parting off,“ promises Werner Meditz, Technical Manager at ARNO Werkzeuge. The new three-edged TE09 and TE14 grooving inserts are available for grooving and parting off up to a grooving depth of 4 or rather 6.5 mm and grooving widths of 0.5 - 6 mm. The inserts are pressed and sintered and are coated accordingly depending on the machining process and application. They are also completely precision-ground. This not only ensures high accuracy when grooving with a tolerance of +- 0.01 mm, but also high changeover accuracy. Special widths of up to 15 mm are available on customer request fort he production of profiles. This means that users only have to groove once in the first step, where otherwise three processes would be necessary.

Grooving and parting off with high precision and tight tolerance
The new inserts can be mounted on carrier tools from 8 x 8 to 20 x 20 mm. This means that they also fit into the AFC fast-change system from ARNO Werkzeuge with integrated, continuous cooling channels for wet machining. Users achieve maximum precision when using the new inserts together with the ATS system from ARNO Werkzeuge, which delivers the coolant directly to the cutting surface and the flank face via two channels. This enables precision grooving and cuttings, for example for the production of retaining rings for hydraulic components, where the tolerance requirements are particularly high.

As a unique speciality, the tool plates can be fastened in the ATS tool holder system with a retractable screw. The contact surface of the plates is also precision-ground for this purpose. This means that grooving processes along shoulders are also possible without damaging the radial flat surface.

Grooving inserts can be coated according to customer requirements
Pressed from a special substrate after the sintering proces, the raw carbide inserts are produced in the geometries GA, GB and GC for parting off and grooving. They are then provided with an approproate coating depending on the application. This results in indexable inserts for steel, stainless steel, titanium or special materials. For all materials, ARNO Werkzeuge has uncoated TE09 and TE14 inserts in stock as finish-ground semi-finished products, which are coated according to customer requirements. The ground perimeters ensure maximum efficiency and optimum performance, as do specially ground chip formers, which are customised to suit the application.


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