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Flexible clamping technology for automation, Industry 4.0 applications and 5-axis machining

Clamping elements for 5-axis machining, Industry 4.0 applications and automation are the focus of this year’s AMB product show of the ROEMHELD Group.

It is thus aimed at cutting machine operators who want to produce high-quality components as quickly and productively as possible. Quickly adaptable machine vices and tower clamping systems for up to 16 components which clamp without deformation help to achieve this goal.

If workpieces have to be machined on different machines and set-up times have to be minimized, STARK zero point clamping systems are the ideal solution.

The new sturdy series STARK SPEEDY connect presented by the ROEMHELD Group at the AMB can be used in harsh environments such as welding technology. Like numerous other clamping elements at the stand of the Group, the newly developed zero point clamping systems offer extensive monitoring options. Thus, they are not only very reliable and easy to automate, they can also be used without problems with Industry 4.0 applications. This option also offers a recently available modular power unit with an integrated condition monitoring system. All innovations and an overview of the extensive range of clamping technology are presented by the ROEMHELD Group, which is represented in more than 50 countries, at Stand 1H70.

STARK SPEEDY connect: Zero point clamping system for welding applications

On display for the first time at the AMB is the extremely compact zero point clamping system STARK SPEEDY connect, which was developed for use in welding environments, for example in plant and vehicle construction. The robust housing is made of high-quality tool steel and anodised, high-tensile aluminium. 

The self-locking elements, which are clamped with springs and are pneumatically force enhanced, achieve an insertion force of 3 kN at 5 bar with an insertion stroke of 4.5 mm. Thanks to an active insertion stroke with a very high insertion force and a floating location position of the nipple, there are versatile areas of application, such as the simplest robot feeds and removals or the pressing of gluing points.

A fully electronic sensor is integrated, which indicates the current clamping state - "clamped", "unclamped" or "without nipple clamped" - via LEDs on the rear of the clamping system. In addition, the signals can be transmitted digitally to a higher-level control system. The electronic monitoring is an alternative to the optical clamping monitoring by means of mechanical clamping control valve which has already proven itself with STARK zero point clamping systems of the series SPEEDY classic. The evaluation of the clamping control can also be integrated directly into the machine control.
STARK SPEEDY connect was specially developed for plant construction and assembly. Fields of application are, for example, vehicle body shell construction and the connection of machine elements.

Direct clamping with eccentric bore clamps: flexible machining on 5 sides

If components are to be clamped and positioned axially to save space, eccentric bore clamps from ROEMHELD are ideal. 

Due to their narrow design, they can be placed very close to workpiece contours. Clamping is made on one side in bore holes, the remaining sides remain free for machining.

The adjustment to the bore hole size is made by clamping bushings, which can be quickly exchanged by means of a bayonet lock. The clamping element remains in the fixture – a system which ROEMHELD has applied for a patent. Extensive monitoring options allow the use of the bore clamps in automated applications.

Slim work supports for any mounting positions

Hydraulic work supports from ROEMHELD are used wherever vibration or deflection of workpieces during machining must be prevented. A range of slim threaded-body models is particularly versatile, suitable for all installation positions and can also be used on low-pressure machines. Since the extension shaft has a diameter of only 16 mm, even difficult-to-access areas in niches and cavities of the component can be reached. The shaft lengths range from 20 to 100 mm.

The new threaded-body work supports are protected by standard metallic wiper edges and FKM wipers. The double-acting variant, which clamps and unclamps hydraulically, is particularly suitable for automated production.

Intelligent and modular: Power unit with condition monitoring

For the operation of hydraulic clamping elements, ROEMHELD shows at the AMB Stand new intelligent power units in advantageous modular design.

An integrated condition monitoring system analyses and visualises in real time values such as the current operating pressure, the filling level, the temperature and the degree of contamination of the pressure medium. The collected data can be forwarded to the machine to support the cutting process. At the same time, the system helps to plan recurring maintenance measures and helps to reduce downtimes.

Horizontal machining: Tower workholding systems for the manual and automated production

The HILMA tower clamping system of the series TS presents the ROEMHELD Group especially for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic horizontal machining. 4, 8 or 16 components can be clamped at the same time. The systems are available with third-hand function and versions for heavy workpieces.

The HILMA TS H series complements the range of durable and high-precision mechanical tower clamping systems with a hydraulic solution for automation. Since the models are identical in construction, the same extensive jaw range can be used. On each of the four sides, up to two workpieces of different dimensions can be safely hydraulically clamped and unclamped - manually as well as semi and fully automated. The clamping forces are monitored and controlled suitable for automation. The energy supply can be effected either from above or through the machine table.

Like all tower clamping systems of the HILMA TS series, the TS H has a patented guide and sealing system that dispenses with susceptible sheet metal covers or plastic wipers. At the same time, the monoblock design guarantees high stability and precision in machining.

HILMA Vario Line Flexible machine vices

Machine vices of the type HILMA Vario Line are used in vertical and horizontal applications and can be particularly flexibly adjusted to changing workpiece sizes. This is ensured by magnetically fixed quick-change jaws that can be replaced in a single operation. The machine vices can be configured individually and adapted to different machining tasks by means of a variety of parameters.

Clamping without deformation with the versatile HILMA MC-P

The machine vices of the HILMA MC-P series are mainly used in 5-axis machining. Their compact design allows collision-free tool paths and the use of short standard tools. Three different clamping types are possible: workpieces can be clamped concentrically, against fixed jaw or – in the model variant “balance” – position flexible. This variant is particularly suitable to clamp complex or delicate components without deformation.

Raw and finished parts can be machined without retrofitting in one system. The sturdy design of the machine vices with integrated swarf protection facilitates the use in pallet stations.


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