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09.01.2020 - 12:19

Flexible bending automation: more powerful than ever

For a long time, automation on demand did not exist for sheet processing. Bystronic opened the door for it, and with the Mobile Bending Cell 80 is bringing a compact and powerful bending solution to the market that enables both automated and manual bending.

The Mobile Bending Cell 40 is a success story. The flexible bending automation won the innovation prize in the “Warm/cold forming technology” category at the Blechexpo 2017 in Stuttgart. The combination of the most modern bending robotics and the compact Xpert 40 pressbrake with a press capacity of up to 40 tons impressed the jury from the “MM Maschinen Markt” and “Blechnet” industry magazines – and subsequently customers as well. The great demand exceeded the wildest expectations.

Now Bystronic is launching the big sister of the innovative automation solution: the doubly strong Mobile Bending Cell 80. It deploys a press capacity of up to 80 tons along a bending length of around 1.5 meters. This powerful Xpert 80 pressbrake makes this possible. Anyone who already has access to the manual press can easily upgrade it to a fully automated Mobile Bending Cell. In doing so, the Mobile Bending Robot is simply brought to the Xpert, and within ten minutes it is installed and referenced.

Producing even at night

The modular design delivers the greatest flexibility. The keyword: automation on demand. Because just as easily as the robot can be docked to the pressbrake, it can be set aside again. Sheet metal workers no longer need to choose between manual and automated production – they can have both, and switch back and forth according to the order situation. Small batch sizes or complex parts can be manufactured as before, while large series can be manufactured with the 6-axis Mobile Bending Robot.

This flexibility is called for more and more frequently these days, because bent parts increasingly appear in a variety shapes, sizes, and quantities. And it is always of matter of producing the parts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The Mobile Bending Cell meets these needs. With the robot option, efficiency increases and at the same time makes the operator’s job easier. Thus, production can even continue at night – once the bending orders have been programmed, production continues without interruption.


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