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03.05.2018 - 09:28

Expansion of the 315 grooving system from HORN

Paul Horn GmbH introduces the latest expansion of the 315 grooving system from HORN.

It covers hard machining applications. The single-edged, CBNtipped insert ensures high rigidity in the tool. The insert seat has a large contact surface to direct the cutting pressure into the holder. Furthermore, the central clamping screw enables maximum tightening of the insert. These properties make the system ideal for counteracting the large forces generated during hard machining.

The cutting material CBN is the secondhardest material in the world and is used as a substitute for diamond. Unlike diamond, this cutting material can be used to machine ferrous materials as no carbon diffusion occurs during the process. The inserts are available in grooving widths from 1 mm to 3 mm. In addition, the holder range is available in the monoblock design and as a cartridge system for HSK-T and PSC connections.


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