28.06.2022 - 11:23

Duro-M from Röhm: The new lathe chuck generation provides high power transmission

The variable machining of turned parts has never been easier. This is made possible with Duro-M, the new geared scroll chuck, innovative lens geometry and optimized power transmission by Röhm.

The specialist for clamping devices and grippers, headquartered in Sontheim an der Brenz (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), provides its innovation by default in all diameters from ø74 m to ø1250 mm, further sizes are available on request. There is no limit with regard to the number of jaws: Röhm supplies its new lathe chuck generation across the whole range with two, three, four or six jaws. This way, even particularly thin-walled workpieces can be clamped and machined perfectly.

“The Duro-M is our new series of lathe chucks for the clamping of turned parts on turning and milling machines, rotary tables and dividing attachments with conventional clamps. We have the right Duro-M solution for every application, so that all metal workers can truly benefit from the many advantages of our new geometry”, says Jörg Bauriedl, Product Manager for the Manual Lathe Chuck division at Röhm.

The new Duro-M series from Röhm has a noticeable lens recess, which provides users with a whole host of benefits. Thanks to this significant recess, the lathe chuck becomes lighter. With its reduced weight, the Duro-M from Röhm goes easier on the bearings of the turning machine spindle compared to other lathe chucks, and at the same time it enables acceleration with less demand for energy.

There is an added benefit with regard to the workspace, so that the machining tools are better accessible, and for example drilling or milling operations on the turned parts near the clamping position can be much more flexible than before.

“As the milling cutters do not need to be unclamped as far, the risk of oscillations is reduced. Machining is safer and more precise – this enables higher cutting speeds,” says Mr. Bauriedl.

High power transmission
The new Duro-M series from Röhm impresses with an excellent power transmission, so that the maximum clamping force can be achieved with low expenditure of energy. For particularly quick and precise alignment of the Duro-M series’ lathe chucks with the machine spindle, they are equipped with a control edge. This enables the user to optimize concentricity using the dial gauge already during setup, saving time during commissioning of the machine. 

Naturally, the legendary spiral ring from Röhm is also used for the Duro-M. It is drop-forged and highly hardened and tempered. On the outside of the chuck body, the Duro-M lathe chucks have a drip edge, where the cooling water can drain off in a defined way. Another advantage for users: The steel carrier of the Duro-M is a one-piece design, which makes it very rigid and prevents chip accumulation.

Minimal interference contour
The Duro-M lathe chucks from Röhm have a minimal interference contour and have a high true-running accuracy already in the standard version. “We can meet specific customer requests here as required, and individually adapt the clamping assemblies such as chuck body, spiral ring and jaws to each other once again,”, says Mr. Bauriedl.

The new Duro-M series from Röhm is particularly versatile with regard to connections and can be mounted cylindrically (from the front and rear) as well as via short tapers (from the front, via camlock or bayonet), each meeting all ISO and DIN standards. The Duro-M lathe chucks are optionally also available with double jaw guide. The Duro-M is supplied complete with either a set of inside and outside jaws or reversible jaws in addition to the base jaws. The jaws are finish ground to fit the chuck at the factory.

“With the new Duro-M line, we have perfectly reworked and expanded our range and offer our customers precisely what they expect from a leading supplier: Innovative ideas which make daily tasks easier. This is exactly what our new generation of plane spiral chucks stands for, and precisely what we stand for as family business with our history going back over 100 years,” says Mr. Bauriedl.


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