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30.04.2020 - 13:30

By robot, not manually: Automated deburring with proven blades

For the first time, manual deburring processes can be automated with the robot deburring tool CDB from SCHUNK without waiving the use of proven deburring blades.

The controllable, compliant deburring tool is suitable for robot-supported deburring of workpieces made of plastic, aluminum, steel, brass, or other materials in various geometries. It can be used for deburring of punched parts, household and industrial fittings, and is also used for plastic or metal components in the automotive or aerospace industry.

Since conventional deburring blades, that were manually used so far, can be completely taken over into the robot tool, a fast and simple changeover from manual to automatic operation is possible. Existing know-how in relation to blades, blade holders, and the process can be further used without changes. The flexible robot tool imitates the manual deburring process as exactly as possible, and in consistently high quality. Positional inaccuracies, workpiece tolerances, and the tolerances of the robot are axially compensated by up to 8 mm, and radially by approximately ± 5.5°.

The compensation force can be individually controlled (axially 13 to 66 N, radially 13 to 62 N). Therefore, the tool ensures process-reliable deburring results, and reduces rejects and at the same time required a minimum programming effort. The uniform tool mounting ensures short set-up times when the blades are exchanged, also allowing the use of the deburring tool for small series in an economic manner. Compared with manual deburring processes, robot-supported deburring has a great number of advantages: Operators are noticeably relieved from heavy, dangerous, and tedious deburring tasks. Moreover, a consistent quality is achieved, and for automated operation, unmanned deburring round the clock is possible.


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