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28.05.2018 - 12:53

BURKHARDT+WEBER Pilot project with Siemens AG

The fusion of the real and virtual world is what the current pilot project can be called. A “digital twin” will be created in cooperation with Siemens AG.

This “digital twin” of a BW-machining center which only exists virtually, acts via an interface with the control unit of the machine and simulates the machine behaviour, during the processing of a machining programme on the real machine control unit.

What is the added value for the machine user in his daily production routine? Ben Rother, manager of electrical design, knows the answer to this: „New assemblies and customized applications can already be put into operation and tested, while the real machine is physically not yet existing but still under construction. As a result, our customers can drastically reduce project cycle times and technical risks.”

First results will be presented together with Siemens at the AMB 2018 in Stuttgart.


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