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AMB Technology Forum with signal effect

Successful première of the AMB Technology Forum on 17 September 2020 / Next forum: 7 to 9 September 2021

The AMB Technology Forum, which ended yesterday, showed that exhibitors and visitors do not want to go without personal encounters and the intensive exchange of information and ideas on site. "Machinery and plant engineering is a key innovation driver in Baden-Württemberg and AMB is extremely important for this industry. It is thus all the more important that Messe Stuttgart found an innovative way with the technology forum to also implement the event this year", said Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs, during a brief visit to the trade fair.

Roland Bleinroth, President and CEO of Messe Stuttgart, reinforces this: "The AMB Technology Forum, as the first face-to-face event after the time-out due to the corona pandemic, sent an important signal and gives courage to everyone involved". Gunnar Mey, Department Director for Industrial Solutions at Messe Stuttgart, adds: "The interest from everyone to meet in person is huge. In addition, the hygiene concept was validated and the insights acquired will help in the design of the events and trade fairs that lie ahead of us".

Visitors gain head start in terms of know-how

Packed into one day the visitors were able to choose from presentations on four topic slots, watch presentations of new products at the table tops of 16 exhibitors and meet in the matchmaking area for the personal exchange of information and ideas. For the "Tools" topic Ceramtec, Ceratizit, Paul Horn, as well as for the "Machine tools" topic Chiron, EMCO, INDEX, LiCON MT and Waldrich Coburg, presented their forward-looking production solutions. Heraeus Amloy, Knoll, Meusburger and Renishaw showcased their innovations in the machine tool area. AMF, Fanuc, Siemens and Third Wave Systems complemented the forum programme with automation and software solutions.

Presentations and selected video content are available on demand from 23 September 2020 for everyone who was unable to be there in person. And the matchmaking platform will continue to be available for the participants of the AMB Technology Forum for follow-up work. This and other digital additions will accompany the event and play a key role in the future at all industry trade fairs.

After the feedback from exhibitors and visitors validated the concept for the AMB Technology Forum, the event organisers Messe Stuttgart and mav immediately started preparations for the second event from 7 to 9 September 2021.

Visitor and exhibitor testimonials

Markus Heseding, President, VDMA Precision Tools: "The right concept and some discipline from the visitors show that events such as conferences and trade fairs work wonderfully. We, the VDMA, are really looking forward to the next event in 2021 and will gladly be there".

Markus Horn, President, Carbide Tool Works Paul Horn GmbH: "The AMB Technology Forum is the right and necessary step to return towards some sort of normality. The concept with the presentations, exhibition and the matchmaking area is the right mix for the current time. The event organisers took all factors into consideration and I am confident that events with this concept can be successfully implemented and be popular. The forum has a signal effect."

Bernd Hilgarth, Managing Director Sales, Chiron Works: "A lot of new approaches are being tested to reach new customers. However, the right concept still has to be found. If you don't try out new things, then you will never know. I think it is great that Messe Stuttgart organised the forum and I was also excited to see how it was received. But the restrained market situation also has an impact on the visitor numbers."

Wolfgang Neuburger, Sales Manager, Knoll Maschinenbau: "The concept immediately convinced us and it is about time to meet our customers again face-to-face and discuss current topics. We presented ourselves here as a global partner in chip and coolant management". He also confirms: "The organisation on site in the corona-related circumstances provides the necessary safety. We will definitely be back again in 2021".

Winfried Benz, President, LiCON MT: It corresponds to our personal belief that in difficult times it is not only necessary to react but also take action. A pioneering spirit is part of our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we are sending a signal with the participation. For us the AMB Technology Forum is clearly a restart, to enter the market again for the first time and to meet customers, suppliers and market players.

Marc Konrad, Head of the Business Unit Motion Control Germany, Siemens: "The AMB Technology Forum gives us the opportunity to present our solutions for machine tool equipment and digitisation for increasing productivity. In the past few months the huge potential and the massive benefits of digitisation have become even clearer. Now is the right time to get on board, if you haven't done so already". He confirms: "After such a long time without any personal encounters, we are looking forward to the direct exchange of information and ideas. While we can do a great deal online and via digital channels, personal contact cannot be underestimated".

Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Thimm, Support Manager, Third Wave Systems: "During the lockdown we tested many online formats and, for example, set up in-house web sessions on our software for machining simulations. But this cannot replace personal contact. Therefore, we used the AMB Technology Forum for intensive discussions and networking". He adds: "The matchmaking platform with its easy handling and useful functions provides us with genuine support and is a new way of communicating."

Joachim Beck, Marketing, CeramTec: "For us it is important to show a presence again and thus send a positive signal to our customers or present our solutions for hard turning". Beck is confident: "We'll definitely be there again at the next event in September 2021". Reiner Hammerl, Sales Director, Index-Werke: "The forum does not replace a trade fair. But it is a good step in returning to some sort of normality. At all the web conferences this forum provides the opportunity to once again exchange information and ideas with customers and partners in person. The organisation was superb. The right measure at the right time."

Uwe Schleinkofer, Director R&D, Ceratizit: "There are many attempts being made to define the new 'normal'. Online conferences and similar always appear somewhat artificial. At the AMB Technology Forum you have an open platform and can look into people's eyes. The concept, the technology, the order of events and the structure are excellent. It is courageous and ambitious to dare to pull something like this off."

Christian Bauer, Key Account Application Engineering, Haimer: "In the meantime we have networked our entire machine concept and the trend is that the CNC machine will also be docked. As active exchange with the machine manufacturers is crucial. Therefore, a trade fair or event like this is also very important for us. Here we meet well-known machine manufacturers and our partners."

Christian Ludwig, Head of Sales Region Germany South, Meusburger: "In times of corona a pioneering spirit is sometimes called for and that's why it goes without saying that we will definitely take part in the AMB Technology Forum. The diversity of the presentations and establishing new contacts offer additional added value to all participants".

Jürgen Wachter, Global Head, Heraeus Amloy: "We already recommended a platform in 2020 in the survey conducted among the AMB exhibitors, as our products require explanations and direct, personal exchange is very important to us, something which digital formats do not offer. We are delighted that face-to-face events are possible again".

Jochen Steinmeyer, Project Leader Product Evaluations and Seminars, Sumitomo Group: "The personal contact is missing in the industry. Acquiring expertise from the presentations and conducting interesting discussions were the main factors for my visit".

Falk Herkner, Head of Sales & Technology, Waldrich-Coburg: "Due to the many cancellations and postponements this year industry events are wanted and it became clear very quickly that we would be at the AMB Technology Forum. Our products have a lot to do with trust not least because of the investment amount and therefore it is necessary to maintain personal contact.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hansch, CEO, EMCO: "Despite the current difficult climate the entire machine tools industry finds itself in, the atmosphere at the AMB forum was one of confidence. All industry representatives agreed that they had overcome the worst with regard to incoming orders and I am also confident that things will improve again, even if it is in small steps. This is precisely the situation where we need bold initiatives and innovative events".

Klaus Merkt, General Manager, GERO Dreh- und Systemtechnologie: "The lockdown moved a lot of things forward and this was the first forum where we could come together again. For me it is the right approach and the right time to meet again".

Thomas Rumpf, Design & Development Manager, Hermann Bilz: "The AMB Technology Forum is a small alternative to AMB, which should have been taking place here at the same time. I am looking forward to the personal get-together. It is something different to meeting in the video conferences".

Jürgen Förster, Member of Executive Management, Andreas Maier: "I think it is good that Messe Stuttgart and the trade journal mav set up the AMB Technology Forum. It motivated us to take part and send a signal. The contacts that we had were good. The concept and how the people behaved were formidable. Hopefully these are the first steps towards a return to personal contact."

Rainer Krug, Industrial Metrology Sales & Business Development Director, Renishaw: "The fact that we took part showed that we dealt with the concept. We decided to come here because of the opportunity to talk to other people again."



AMB_2020_PM09_1: Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (middle) was welcomed by the Presidents of Messe Stuttgart Stefan Lohnert (left) and Roland Bleinroth (right) during a brief visit to the AMB Technology Forum. (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

AMB_2020_PM09_2: Gunnar Mey, Department Director for Industrial Solutions, opened the first AMB Technology Forum on 17 September 2020 (Copyright: Messe Stuttgart)

AMB_2020_PM09_3: Experience innovations. Discuss new products. Maintain contacts. The AMB Technology Forum gave visitors and exhibitors the first opportunity to meet again after the lockdown due to the corona pandemic.  (Copyright: Messe Stuttgart)

AMB_2020_PM09_4: After a long downtime the AMB Technology Forum gives fresh impetus together with the industry. (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

AMB_2020_PM09_5: Visitors and exhibitors of the AMB Technology Forum confirmed that there is nothing like personal contact. (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

AMB_2020_PM09_6: The AMB Technology Forum gave visitors a head start in terms of know-how. Packed into one day the visitors were able to choose from presentations on four topic slots. (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

AMB_2020_PM09_7: The interest from everyone to meet in person is huge. In the matchmaking area appointments could be easily made using the matchmaking app. (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

AMB_2020_PM09_8: The hygiene concept for the AMB Technology Forum was convincing and the insights gained will help in the design of the events and trade fairs (Copyright: mav, Konradin Verlag)

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