PTW special show "Innovation tour of metal working"

"Be there to see trends of the future" was the motto of the Special show of the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt Technical University. This Special show was held again during AMB 2018 in Stuttgart. This year, it was staged for the first time in the newly built Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) which was officially opened at the start of 2018.


Impressions 2018

Programm of the Special show 2018:

Titanium, etc. – machining with process reliability

This cluster focused on machining of hard-to-cut materials. The high demands which materials place on the machine tool and its components, coupled with rising productivity demands, were countered by means of innovative solution approaches in the interaction between the machine tool, tools, CAM path planning, process monitoring and quality assurance.

Energy optimisation 4.0

In view of the increasingly more charged discussion concerning energy and due to the possibilities of digitalisation, the "energy optimisation 4.0" cluster introduced visitors to concepts of energetically optimised production environments and production machines. The focal point here was increased energy efficiency through digital intelligence and thermal and computerised networking of machines and systems.

Additive manufacturing meets machining

Due to function-integrated or individualised geometries with low unit numbers, innovative products are placing new demands on production engineering. In the "additive manufacturing meets machining" cluster visitors will gain a better understanding of a complete additive process chain starting with the manufacture of suitable starting materials, layered material composition and additional machining and component cleaning. Design software specially adapted for the process chain and simulations ensure the production of high-quality products.

Intelligent Production Systems 4.0

In the context of the innovative theme of "Intelligent Production Systems 4.0", visitors were shown the opportunities provided by the advancing digital networking of the production environment, from machine sensors to software monitoring of production and Smart Data with their diverse possibilities.

Machining with industrial robots

In the cluster "machining with industrial robots", visitors were able to obtain an idea of the industrial robot as a universal processing machine for diverse machining tasks, including its possibilities for the flexible production of complicated geometries by means of the system integration of robots, modern spindle technology, CAM software, clamping systems, measuring technology and calibration systems.