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Sensory quick-change pallet module increases process transparency

In the course of digitalization in production, the trend is towards fully automated, fully networked, and autonomously acting manufacturing systems. Of course, this trend has an influence on clamping technology.

With the VERO-S NSE-S3 138 SCHUNK presents for the first time a sensory quick-change pallet module, that allows permanent monitoring of the pull-down force and of the clamping slide position. Moreover, the presence of workpieces, or clamping pallets can be monitored. Basis for this are the strain gauges, measuring amplifier, and inductive sensors, which are directly integrated in the module, and, compared with the conventional clamping module VERO-S NSE 3, the dimensions do not change. The sensory quick-change pallet system paves the way for the pre-conditions for achieving a continuous real-time analysis of the clamping situation and provides important parameters for process optimization. Power supply (24 V DC) and signal output (analog 0-10 V DC, digital 0/24 V DC) are carried out reliably via spring contact.

Cone seal and anti-rotation protection are optionally available

The sensory quick-change pallet module is a part of the comprehensive modular system SCHUNK VERO-S that offers more than 1,000 possible combinations for efficient workpiece clamping. As its conventional predecessor, it has a patented dual-stroke system, and achieves pull-down forces up to 28,000 mm when the turbo function is activated. Fixing or positioning is done via short taper at a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm. Due to the entry radii, the clamping pins can be easily inserted into the modules: eccentrically or with an angle of inclination. The actual clamping is done without energy supply via spring force; it is form-fit or self-retaining. In the event of a sudden pressure drop in the air system, the workpieces remain safely clamped. A pneumatic pressure of 6 bar is sufficient for opening the clamping module. On option, the changing interface can be equipped with a spring-actuated cone seal for closing the module as soon as the clamping pin is being lifted out. For using the module as a single-acting module, SCHUNK offers the VERO-S NSE-S3 in two versions with anti-rotation protection: with a defined position (V1) or with the option to rotate the pallets in 90° increments (V4), so that the position of the pallet assembly can vary by 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°. Depending on the thread diameter of the used clamping pin, the holding forces are 35,000 N (M10), 50,000 N (M12), or 75,000 N (M16). All parts such as base body, clamping pin, and clamping slide are made of hardened stainless steel, and are therefore, absolutely corrosion-resistant and in turn long-lasting.


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