08.09.2022 - 10:17

rose plastic presents packaging made from recycled material

Plastic packaging and sustainability — there is no contradiction. If plastic is correctly separated after use, it is ideal for recycling. The old plastics can be turned into new plastics if processed correctly by being separated, sorted, and put through a regrind process.

In addition to other product highlights, rose plastic will also be presenting its packaging line made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) at the trade show. Our recyclate is created using plastic waste from private households, which is collected in the ubiquitous yellow sacks/recycling bins and in bottle deposit machines. This waste plastic is properly processed and converted into granules – and thus into valuable new resources that we use to manufacture our packaging. 

As robust as new plastic
There are different standards worldwide for the collection of used plastics. It is therefore possible that the processed recycled material will exhibit color differences, depending on the process used or degree of sorting. Country-specific factors also play a role here. Darker material is produced, for example, when all plastic waste in the yellow sack or bin is taken for further processing into recycled material.

The use of recycled material for the production of packaging material reduces the use of fossil raw materials and lowers the energy demand at the same time. For example, twice as much energy is required to produce standard PET compared to recycling. In addition, there are 75% fewer CO2 emissions in comparison to the use of conventional granulate. 

The recycled plastic is just as robust as new plastic! This means that our recycled packaging protects its content just as reliably as a comparable solution made of regular plastic. 

Award-winning packaging solutions
rose plastic has received the German government’s “Blue Angel” environmental label for our products manufactured from PCR. In addition, rose plastic’s protective packaging for transportation, storage, and organization has undergone independent testing and earned Cradle to Cradle® Silver certification.


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