25.07.2022 - 09:50

New chip former for copper-zinc alloys without lead

Dieterle's DAK parting off system has been extended by new chip formers specifically for copper-zinc alloys without lead.

Copper-zinc alloys or brass are used in a wide variety of applications and are available in different compositions. Copper-zinc alloys without lead have significantly poorer machining properties compared to lead-containing alloys. In addition to increased tool wear, the formation of long winding chips is particularly problematic. By legal requirements due to the harmful effects on the environment and health the use of lead has increasingly to be dispensed.

In order to meet the challenges of lead-free machining, Dieterle has developed the new cutting insert geometry DAK-..B which ensures optimum chip breaking when cutting off copper-zinc alloys without lead and thus increases productivity. Initial tests at selected customers have achieved significantly better results than the previously used cutting off inserts and scored well in terms of tool life, surface quality and process reliability.

The new DAK-..B chip formers for copper-zinc alloys without lead are based on Dieterle's proven DAK parting off system. Suitable tool holders are available both as classic parting off system in one piece with clamping screw as well as with exchange-able clamps and supporting plates. Precise guiding of the insert is guaranteed by the clamping via double prism V-forms. The new DAK-..B chip formers are availa-ble in neutral and right-hand executions as well as in grooving widths of 1.6 and 2.4 mm and are provided with radius R0.1 on both sides. A coating with a smooth layer surface as well as a high degree of hardness have been designed accordingly in order to be able to achieve optimum results in the machining of copper-zinc alloys without lead.


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