09.09.2022 - 10:29

Live at the AMB: The SORALUCE Bed type milling, turning, and grinding machine TA-M 35

Milling, turning, grinding and gear cutting on just one machine – in a single set-up: Soraluce's multitasking machines are the answer to technically complex workpieces with tight tolerances that require different machining processes such as turning, milling, boring and threading.

At the AMB, Bimatec Soraluce presents this technological progress through a customer machine, the SORALUCE Bed type milling, turning, and grinding machine TA-M 35, which was purchased by Feinwerk GmbH, a contract manufacturing company from Baden-Württemberg. "We were looking for a machine with the broadest manufacturing profile possible. Being a contract manufacturer, you are simply more flexible with it", says Dominik Obert, Management of Feinwerk GmbH.

Feinwerk has not selected the grinding option for the time being, but it can easily be added later.

Trade show visitors can expect a machine with:

  • Longitudinal travel (X): 3,500 mm | Vertical travel (Z): 1,500 mm | Cross travel (Y): 1,200 mm
  • HEIDENHAIN control system TNC 640
  • Automatic indexing milling head with spindle clamp for rotary function, stepless indexing, 5,000 rpm
  • Automatic tool changer with 40 magazine pockets
  • DAS+ (patented) for machining without chatter
  • Automatic feed control / Soraluce Adaptive Control
  • Two swarf conveyors / Chipbreaker
  • Complete splash guard enclosure
  • Compact design for installation without separate foundation
  • Maximum 8,000 kg table load for milling, 2,000 kg for turning and grinding
  • Integrated NC rotary table Ø 1,250 mm
  • Universal milling head for machining at any angle

You can convince yourself of the efficiency of the intelligent damping solutions DWS and DAS+ to counteract vibrations in the machine or in the workpiece live at the AMB. Do not miss it - the effect is audible and visible to the naked eye.

BIMATEC SORALUCE at AMB: Hall 9, Stand A71


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