09.08.2022 - 09:45

Brinkmann Pumps presents digital pump solutions at the AMB in hall 8, booth 8D42

Configuration instead of programming with the intelligent pump controller bplogic: The integration of a logic module offers customers new possibilities to extend the smart pump control with their own functions.

With the presentation of the intelligent pump control, BRINKMANN PUMPS has made it clear that the future of the manufacturer of technically sophisticated coolant pumps is digital. With the development of the smart pump control bplogic, the traditional company from Werdohl in Germany has taken a decisive step towards Industry 4.0. 

The bplogic is connected between machine tools, pumps, filter systems and other components and adapts perfectly to the existing system environment – no matter which variable frequency drives are used. The digital controller impresses with its wide range of functions, including predictive maintenance and energy monitoring. For example, the digital controller can easily determine the degree of wear of pumps and make a prediction until the next service interval. As a result, disruptions are avoided and service planning can be derived in an uncomplicated manner. Another great advantage is the fast and convenient execution of an energy consumption analysis. The bplogic takes over the monitoring of all operating data of the connected pumps via long-term logging (incl. Excel CSV export) and includes operating hours counters and current consumption displays. 

The latest generation of the smart pump controller now offers additional new possibilities. The bplogic allows users extensive freedom and the possibility to combine their own know-how with the known functions of the pump control without programming knowledge. The spectrum ranges from the control of individual contactors and warning lights, to procedures for detecting pipe breaks, to the complete automation of partial and small systems. The extended control functions are made possible by the integration of an editor for logic operations directly on the digital interface of the bplogic. 

Without PLC programming knowledge and own software development environments, users can realize manufacturer-specific functions with the logic module of bplogic. The configuration is done via the user interface of the intelligent pump control. There, all available variables such as pressures, speeds and all other digital and analog input and output signals can be logically operated. The implementation of time elements is possible as well as the output of customer-specific error messages in different languages. Of great value in practice is an implemented online debugger. It supports the verification of manufacturer-specific functions during commissioning.  

"When integrating the edit function on bplogic, our developers placed great emphasis on usability," explains Jörg Neemann, Head of Sales and Marketing at BRINKMANN PUMPS. "The developers' goal was to make the configuration intuitive, simple and easy to use. We succeeded in doing that." Newly created functions are stored directly on the bplogic. From now on, the smart controller takes over the complete control of newly added functions. From the customer's perspective, this opens up completely new possibilities: Adjustments can be made at any time. The implementation of own functions in existing systems and the associated protection of the know-how succeeds within shortest time. This upgrades plants and prepares them for new requirements in a future-proof manner. 

The further development of bplogic increases the user's scope of action and enables extensive flexibility. Thus, bplogic remains true to itself as an innovative and smart pump control.

Visit Brinkmann Pumps at the AMB 2022: Hall 8, Booth 8D42


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