With the region of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg is a leading high-tech location in Europe - and indeed in the world. Because with numerous future industries, the highest industrial activity in Germany and Europe takes place here within a radius of 100 km. Over 40 percent of the metal-processing and machining industry in Europe is located within a radius of 200 km around Stuttgart, and 50 percent of Europe's largest machine tool manufacturers are situated here. In Baden-Württemberg 45 percent of companies are active in the manufacture of machine tools. These companies are responsible for 52 percent of overall production in Germany. 

In the innovation index for countries and regions in the European Union the south-west is clearly at the top. Global companies, innovation and high-tech are at home here and in a future-oriented way are a synonym for success and market potential. 

In Baden-Württemberg the capital goods sector holds an important predominant role – it represents the majority of all industrial workplaces. Over 60 percent of all employees of the manufacturing industry work in automotive and mechanical engineering,  in the manufacture of metal products and in electrical engineering. The leading international companies located here, the exhibitors of AMB, therefore tap first-class market and customer potential.