SLT - Stuttgarter Lasertage

SLT - Stuttgarter Lasertage

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  • Venue ICS - Messe Stuttgart
  • Organiser IFSW - Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge
  •  Cycle zweijährlich

The Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT 2016) takes place in conjunction with the LASYS fair. The talks given by international experts from research and development will provide a profound overview over the actual trends in laser technology. In particular, the SLT provide an insight in the corresponding fundamentals with respect to future applications. This is complemented by presentations from the industries which document the actual state of innovation transfer.  

Main exhibition programme:

Micro- and Macro-Processing, Laser Sources and Beam Delivery Systems Latest Results in the fields of Ultrafast Lasers, Beam Delivery, Ultrafast Scanners and Beam Shaping
Common Processes (Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Structuring)  



Heidi-Maria Götz M.A.Mailheidi-maria.goetz@ifsw.uni-stuttgart.deTel.: +49 711 69566861

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