Autonomous Vehicle TECHNOLOGY WORLD EXPO 2018 & Conferences

Autonomous Vehicle TECHNOLOGY WORLD EXPO 2018 & Conferences
Developing an autonomous vehicle? You need to attend this show!

  • Date  – 
  • Venue ICS Halle 2
  • Organiser Uki Media & Events

This international event covers all modes of automated personal transportation, from passenger cars to trucks.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, will showcase, discuss and debate everything you need to develop your intelligent vehicle, from the obvious autonomous vehicle driving software, sensors and communication systems, to tyres and wheels for autonomous vehicles, or complete vehicle concepts. The conferences include the Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium, the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium, and the Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium.

Key exhibition areas

Autonomous vehicle driving/instructional softwareNext-generation wireless communications
SensorsMapping/navigational technologies
Engineering partners and experts for autonomous vehiclesAutonomous vehicle infrastructure solutions and technologies
Autonomous vehicle interior conceptsComponents and advanced technologies especially for and enabled by autonomous vehicles
Vehicle-to-vehicle recognition systemsInvestment and partner-seeking opportunities
Driverless vehicle components and technologiesVehicle-to-roadside communication technologies
Complete vehicle concepts and pioneering ideasDevelopment, testing and validation best practices



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