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1 February 2017 When industrial machine vision makes sweetness visible

Vision 2016 Trend Report: From hyperspectral systems, embedded vision and 3D technology to machine vision technology in detail

10 November 2016 VISION: the industry highlight for imaging and machine vision

Stuttgart underscores its position as the world's leading trade fair for machine vision / almost 10,000 visitors from 58 countries were our guests

30 August 2016 VISION 2016: 3D machine vision turns out to be ultra versatile

Industry 4.0 perspective: In Stuttgart, Basler, ODOS, LMI and Matrix Vision will all be demonstrating the transformation from traditional machine vision to production optimisation

25 August 2016 VISION 2016: More exhibitors expected than ever before

The world's leading trade fair for machine vision in 2016, with 57% of exhibitors based abroad

18 August 2016 VISION: Hyperspectral machine vision is a hot topic

Allied Vision, Stemmer Imaging and Ximea will be exhibiting at the world's leading trade fair for machine vision, with a foot in both camps – SWIR and NIR