Energy: We produce electricity - and we save electricity

  • Green electricity: 27,000 square metres of solar panels on the roofs of Messe Stuttgart and the ICS, as well as 7,000 square metres on the Bosch car park, produce a total of 4.32 million kWh of electricity. This could supply approximately 1,350 four-person households with electricity for a year. 2,375 tons of CO2 are saved each year..
  • Daylight in all 33 ICS rooms: for a pleasant atmosphere and low power consumption.
  •  Partially glazed façade and strip-line lighting: Every hall and the galleries are supplied with daylight. The zenithal distribution of light makes possible low energy consumption for lighting purposes.
  • Modern and energy-efficient conference technology.
  • Since 2010: Use of energy-saving LED lights.
  • Saving electricity – day by day: Thanks to energy-saving mini-PCs at the 450 workplaces, electricity is saved during the daily work of our employees. The PCs, which come from the region, are powerful and consume roughly 75 per cent less energy than conventional computers.