Technical Service

Our technical officers are the people to contact when organising the (safety-related) technology for your event (Trade Fairs and Events). This team of experts forms the link between organiser, project management and other maintenance groups, as well as the building authorities responsible.

The Technical Service team will gladly answer any questions relating to:

  • Hall planning
  • Event concepts
  • Authorisations (e.g. Office for Public Order)
  • Regulations on Places of Assembly (VStättVO) for Baden-Württemberg
  • Legislation, rules and fire safety regulations

They are also more than happy to address individual requests.

Our technicians will carry out the following services for you:

  • Creation and reworking of your hall plan.
  • Stand construction authorisations (in accordance with the technical guidelines, excluding Structural Analysis)
  • Submission of the plans for approval by the building authorities responsible

Further Technical Services include:

  • Traffic planning/Site plans
  • Logistics for special exhibits
  • Creation of safety concepts
  • Hall maintenance

We will be more than happy to discuss our services with you personally, simply get in touch!