Press Centre


The modern Press Centre is located on the upper floor of the East entrance. With its glass fronts one not only obtains an excellent view of the East entrance and the Atrium, but is also at "eye-level" with the VIP lounge, which can be reached using a bridge. The terrace, looking onto the Teinacher Cascades, is a real highlight in good weather and the ideal spot for relaxing or simply taking a breather.

Interactive ground plan


Empfang Pressezentrum

As the Press Centre is divided into three areas, the space can be used flexibly:

Press area: 313.61 m²
Reception area: 136.73 m²
Press conference room: 99.23 m²
(the press conference room can be divided into two similar-size seminar rooms)

No. of lockers: 40
No. of press boxes: 72 (for DIN A4 format; If required press box stands with wheels are available)



Capacities of press conference room:
Area: 99.23 m²
parliamentary seating: 28 Pax
(+ 6 (Executive Board seats)
max. row seating: 70 Pax
max. number of bar tables: 15

Capacity Press area:
Area: 313.61 m²
Inventory: 9 round tables each with 4 chairs / 3 lounge corners each for 6 persons

Equipment/Technical equipment

  • 1 projector
  • 1 mobile screen
  • tables and chairs if required
  • Accreditation counter
  • 6 computer work stations with Internet access
  • 6 work stations with wireless LAN connection
  • telephone, fax, printer
  • kitchen
  • bistro corner
  • bar
  • WC

Additional information

Hostess service:
Hostess service is available if required. This is calculated in addition to the rental price.

Parallel use:
If the Press Centre is used by several event organisers, then the rental price and the catering are invoiced on a pro rate basis.

Press services

  • With the high number of accredited journalists exhibitors can use their own press conference to present interesting innovations to the press
  • Publication of press deadlines on the homepage, and display of the "Deadlines for journalists" in the Press Centre.