Fair Handeln

April 5 to April 8, 2018

Ethics and responsibility

Fair Handeln, the international trade and consumer exhibition, focuses on fair trade and globally responsible trade and activities in regard to developing and newly industrialising countries in business, finance, tourism, consumption and development cooperation for experts and consumers. FAIR HANDELN is both a sales platform and an information and contact exchange for the industry, media, decision-makers and consumers.

Products and services

You can look forward to a colourful range of different fair trade products extending from food, artwork and trendy eco-fair fashion through to sustainable holidays. Learn more about ethically meaningful and socially responsible investments, development cooperation and companies which practise corporate social and ecological responsibility (CSR).

From coffee to holidays

Spend an exciting day at Fair Handeln, try high-quality fair trade products, admire the wide range of products from coffee to holidays and find out what you can do yourself - for a sustainable future worldwide. Thursday will be the day for trade visitors, Friday will be the day for children and young people while Saturday and Sunday will be family days.