Growth. Better access. Completion.

More growth

Messe Stuttgart has plenty of well-known events in its portfolio, extremely popular with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Many of these events are already being pushed to their limits. Among them AMB, the exhibition for metalworking. For the 2014 event, the demand for exhibition places exceeded those available by approx. 17,000 m² (18 percent). CMT, the world's largest exhibition for tourism and leisure, is also looking at an additional demand of up to 4,000 m². Due to the expansion of trade fairs such as LogiMAT, which will be occupying the entire grounds for the first time in 2015, we were forced to cancel a number of additional events that were taking place parallel.

“The new hall will provide plenty of our events with new perspectives for further growth,” explains Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, CEO of Messe Stuttgart. “We are delighted to see this level of demand from exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. With Hall 10, we will be in a position to meet this demand in the future,” explains Kromer.

The experience gained from the last almost seven years have shown that the initial plan to have ten trade fair halls was a realistic one. “Right from the very start, Stuttgart's trade fair grounds have boasted some of the best capacity utilisation across Germany. Thanks to the many new events that have been added to the portfolio in recent years, we have seen our revenue grow, far quicker than was previously expected. This has had a positive effect on the trade, commerce and gastronomy of the neighbouring cities and municipalities.”

The new hall is to have approximately 14,600 m² of exhibition space – with an overall area of around 120,000 m² for Messe Stuttgart.   

Better access

People from all over the world cross paths on the trade fair grounds: approximately 20,600 exhibitors and 1.27 million visitors meet in the halls each year. Especially during the peak periods, when several events take place at the same time, an intelligent orientation is essential for dealing with the large numbers. Enlarging and upgrading the West entrance by around 3,000 m² will facilitate better access to the trade fair grounds from both sides at the same time, making it easier to distribute and direct the flow of people arriving for the different events.    

Creative completion

With its simple and elegant architecture, a design developed with the surrounding environment in mind, Messe Stuttgart has established itself as a new symbol of Stuttgart in just seven years. Architecture that has already received plenty of recognition, however is actually not yet complete. The original design from the Stuttgart architectural firm Wulf Architekten in 2001 included an extra hall, as well as two prominent entrances instead of one. Lack of funding put these plans on ice, however now is the time to get things going again. The original symmetrical design involving five halls on both the north and south sides will now come to fruition.