Paul Horn Halle bekommt ihr Gesicht

Trotz eher unschöner Wetterbedingungen im Frühjahr dieses Jahres - es war für die Jahreszeit zu nass und zu kalt - kommt der Bau der Paul Horn Halle, der Halle 10 auf dem Gelände der Messe Stuttgart, zügig voran. Mit der zusätzlichen Halle komplettiert die Messe Stuttgart den Ursprungsentwurf der Planungsgemeinschaft Bau Neue Messe, bestehend aus der wulf architekten gmbh aus Stuttgart sowie der Adler und Ohlesch Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH aus Nürnberg. Dieser sah von Anfang an ein Ensemble von zehn Messehallen vor...externer Link zur Pressemitteilung

Corporate video hall 10

Project bosses provide information on the planned Hall 10

Architects Kai Bierich (left) and Harald Baumann (4th from left) from wulf architekten

At the first citizens’ information event for the planned Hall 10 on 6 June 2014, people had the opportunity to talk with the management of Messe Stuttgart, the architects, planners and appraisers and to pose their personal questions. On information panels with plans on various themes such as architecture, traffic, business or the environment, those responsible for the project provided information on specific details of the construction process.


  • Why does the trade fair need a new hall?
    “In seven years we have almost doubled our turnover. Nearly all of our trade fairs have grown, the halls are occupied on average for 220 to 270 days a year. We are nudging our limits, ” says Messe Stuttgart President Ulrich Kromer von Baerle.
  • How do the logistics function on the planned construction site?
    “The construction material is delivered via Flughafenstrasse. The L1192 road is not affected by the construction work,” says Thomas Glawa from Construction Management.  
  • What are the daily working hours on the construction site?
    “From Monday to Saturday, we work 1.5 shifts, i.e. from 7.00 to 20.00. There won’t be any night-time or Sunday working,“ says Glawa.