What the new hall will look like

The new hall will certainly complement the existing trade fair buildings, however instead of simply copying the design from 2001, it has been reinterpreted by architect Kai Bierich from Wulf Architekten. The curved roof will now have a striking profile, as well as a timber structure in place of the steel construction used for the existing halls.

Bierich: “Despite this change, the new hall fits nicely into the existing plan, one reason for this being the incorporation of the original angles and geometries.” The western part of the trade fair complex in particular, facing Leinfelden-Echterdingen, will be even more visually appealing with the construction of the hall. The new building will be directly connected to Hall 8, on an area of concrete that had previously been used as a car park.

Just like the existing buildings, transparency is set to play a big part, with large glass areas flooding the hall with daylight.

The new building will house additional workshop areas at the West entrance, as well as shops and restaurants. There will be an emphasis placed on the entrance with a projecting roof. It will be a striking design that lends the building its identity while, at the same time, protecting against the elements. In front of the West entrance, there will be a multifunctional area used for accessing the building and for outdoor events.  

The new stop for the U6 urban rail service will be located right beside this multifunctional area. Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen (SSB), the city's tram company, was incorporated into plans from very early on. Accessing the trade fair grounds from the city will now be even more convenient, as well as more environmentally friendly.   

There has also been an emphasis placed on sustainability: greenery is set to adorn the roof, as well as a photovoltaic system. The green areas in the trade fair park will also be expanded – by almost 55 metres.