AMB 2018: New dimensions!

18 – 22 September 2018

Optimal focal points

AMB is the international exhibition for metal-working. The exhibitors present their innovations and further developments in Stuttgart. The focus is on machining and metal-removing machine tools and precision tools. Products and machines from the areas measuring systems and quality assurance, robots, workpiece and tool handling, software, computer systems and peripherals, components, subassemblies and accessories, as well as completely specific applications for diverse industries, are also on show at AMB.

Framework programme

Associations, institutes, universities, companies and publishing companies organise special shows and presentation events. Methods for even more efficient production are demonstrated here and the search for production or sales partners made easier. The topics of the framework programme are AMB Experts' Lounge, VDMA Forum "Innovative solutions for Industry 4.0", professional competition Lathe Operator of the Year, Arts Meets Technology, special show, PTW, Innovation tour of metal-working - trends of tomorrow, professional competition WorldSkills Germany, Special show for Young People,  Guided visitor tours on sustainable topics, BlueCompetence initiative of VDMA, MM Award, BME Buyers' Day, LMT Gearing Symposium, Jobboarding.

Lightweight construction & composites

Lightweight construction is a trend and the areas automotive manufacture, aviation and mechanical engineering are hardly conceivable without composites. The processing of composites such as carbon is extremely demanding and often pushes technology to its performance limits. In order to process materials in line with market conditions, precision, long service lives, use of resources and energy efficiency are promoted. Tool manufacturers and mechanical engineers must confront these challenges and provide efficient solutions as this trend is playing an increasingly bigger role. Lightweight construction and composites are therefore the leading topics at AMB 2014.